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Designer Spotlight: Benchmark Jewelry & Bridal Rings

Designer Spotlight: Benchmark Jewelry & Bridal Rings

Jeweler’s Touch is thrilled to showcase one of our favorite jewelry retailers, Benchmark. Their dedication to quality materials, design, and manufacturing is an inspiration to all of those in the jewelry industry. For over 40 years, Benchmark has been crafting and creating some of the most stylish and inspirational wedding rings in the world.

Every piece that Benchmark creates is made and manufactured in the United States with the planet in mind. All of the precious metals used to create Benchmark’s wide selection of wedding bands, bridal and engagement rings, and fashion rings are made from 100% recycled metals. Recycled precious metals are a central component of Benchmark's commitment to the environment.

To add even more appeal to this line of high-quality jewelry, Benchmark backs their products with a Lifetime Guarantee that affords customers the freedom to resize and re-finish their rings without fear of voiding their warranty.

With a longstanding reputation for protecting the environment, giving back to communities, and their obvious dedication to providing their clients with excellent customer service, there is one thing that sets Benchmark above the competition, and that is design. Let’s take a moment to go through some of their most beautiful pieces and give them the praise they so justly deserve.

Jeweler’s Touch Designer Spotlight: Benchmark

Benchmark offers a myriad of newly mined metals that are crafted from recycled materials to provide stunning and exciting new looks. When you think of recycled precious metal, it doesn’t exactly sound illustrious or high-end, but nothing could be further from the truth. Benchmark has managed to produce some awe-inspiring rings that suit a host of tastes, styles and budgets. Here are some of Benchmark’s top-selling newly mined metals.

Wedding Bands, Engagement Rings & Women’s Fashion Rings

Men’s Wedding Bands - Wedding bands for men have come a long way in the last decade, you don’t just have to choose from silver and gold anymore. Benchmark forms a variety of precious metals and other materials to sculpt masculine yet refined wedding bands for men. They are also well-known for their masterful etchings that can add a hint of personality and customization to your wedding band.

Women’s Bridal Bands & Engagement Rings - It’s easy to get swept away in the endless sea of bridal bands and engagement. There are so many different styles, precious metals and gemstones to choose from. Not only is Benchmark known for crafting jewelry out of sustainably sourced precious metals, but the quality of their conflict-free diamonds is top-notch as well. Any bridal band or engagement ring made by Benchmark will be sure to leave her breathless and turn heads for a lifetime.

Contemporary Fashion Rings - No matter the occasion, it is always a good time to outfit your fingers in fashion rings. Whether for your birthday or holiday, or just lunch with friends, Benchmark has the perfect ring for you.

Rolling Rings - Benchmark’s rolling ring design represents your past, present, and future all rolled into one. These interlocking bands can feature different precious metals to create a custom look to suit any style.

Stackable Rings - Stacking rings and jewelry is the fashion trend of 2020. Learn how to stack your jewelry like a fashionista by reading our blog on stackable jewelry. Benchmark has the ultimate selection of feminine stackable rings. Choose from gold, silver, rose gold, and diamond bands.

Diamond Rings - Who doesn’t love an elegant diamond fashion ring to accent your evening outfits. From dainty or bold, Benchmark has a wide selection of diamond fashion rings to choose from.

Jeweler’s Touch Is a Proud Retailer of Benchmark Rings

Since Jeweler’s Touch opened its doors in 1992, our team of GIA certified gemologists, accredited jewelry professionals, and skilled goldsmiths have been offering clients high fashion jewelry and exceptional engagement rings to punctuate the most memorable times in your life. You can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality gemstones and educated jewelry advice from Jeweler’s Touch.

Although we are currently closed due to COVID-19 and State and Local mandates, we are available to answer any questions you might have for our team via our website and we will contact you as soon as we are able. You are also welcomed to call and leave us a message at (714) 579-1616. We appreciate all of our customers and look forward to reopening and seeing you all very soon. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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