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We now have an amazing assortment of vintage and antique, jewelry and watches from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods that are simply breathtaking.

"Vintage" jewelry has been "pre-loved" by someone else. It could have been made a month ago, or 50 years ago. People decide to give up their jewelry for many reasons, and so much of it is just too beautiful to melt for scrap gold. Because the jewelry is pre-owned, we can offer it at affordable prices and help save you money. Your money can go a little further when you purchase vintage jewelry, which is especially helpful in these times of rising gold and diamond prices. Also, sometimes it can be challenging to find just the right pieces without breaking your budget, and vintage jewelry is the answer. With treasures ranging in time from the 1800s to the 2000s, there is a style and a price range to suit everyone.

Come visit us to find something elegant, chic, retro, nostalgic, funky, or just plain fun to add to your jewelry collection. We are constantly adding new pieces. Each piece is unique, so once it's sold, it's gone!

We also accept trade-ins so bring in the jewelry that you don't want, and leave with jewelry that you do want! We will give you same-day money or store credit for your gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds. Broken chains, single earrings, old bridal jewelry, Grandpa's cuff links - gather up whatever you're no longer wearing and bring them in for us to take a look!


Your jewelry is special and we want you to be able to wear it with confidence.