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Diamond Charms

Diamond Charms: A Versatile Choice for Any Jewelry Collection

Available in all shapes and forms, diamond charms range in style from subtle to sophisticated. There’s virtually no symbol, object, or message that can’t be represented. The brilliance of diamonds (or even the intriguing color of gemstones) can make a diamond charm for a necklace complement any outfit. How do you pick one? That all depends on whether you’re seeking a charm for a special occasion or to wear casually. Nonetheless, solitaire pendants are timeless and can be worn daily; they can go with a dress or jeans and a T-shirt and can range from minimalist to flashy.

How Do You Like Your Diamonds?

As with any other piece of diamond jewelry, the four Cs matter. A diamond’s cut has the biggest impact on its brilliance, while colorless or near-colorless diamonds are the most valuable (these are preferred if set in white gold, while lower color grades look better with yellow or rose gold). Higher-clarity diamonds have few flaws or impurities; they’re ideal for white gold or sterling silver charms. The carat count influences the diamond’s size and is the biggest factor in determining its price. However, the larger the diamond, the more obvious any defects in color or clarity will be; it’s best to strike a balance between quality and size.

Choose a Pendant Style That Sparkles

Diamond charms can focus on a single stone. The diamond can be the focal point on the end of a chain. Or, you can have many sparkling stones brightening the outline or surface of the charm. The pendant can feature a diamond letter, heart, cross, animal, shell, or message or symbol commemorating love, friendship, or a special occasion. It can also represent a loved one’s hobby, passion, or favorite location, or you can select a charm that suits your outfit or look.

Order a Diamond Charm from Jeweler’s Touch

You can choose how much you want the diamonds to shine. A prong setting offers the least interference with light reflection, while a halo setting surrounds a center diamond with more diamonds. A bezel setting is the most secure and fine if you don’t need the stone to sparkle from all sides. Any setting can be equally beautiful.

Jeweler’s Touch in Brea, CA has a diverse selection of diamond charms for necklaces. Browse our full catalog, narrow down your choices by price range, brand, or metal type, and purchase your next diamond charm today.