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My boyfriend of 10 years proposed to me last month. 💍 💐 😘 He is now
my fiancé—thanks to Jeweler’s Touch! Monique customized a beautiful
engagement ring 💍 with the tiniest details that my future husband
shared about me! He told her that I love rose gold and my favorite
flowers were sunflowers 🌻 ! So, she made the process simple and easy to
create a rose gold sunflower ring just for me! We are both excited to
come in for our bands to continue our love story ❤️. Thank you JT &
Monique for making this milestone in our relationship incredibly

Krystal Silguero

Posted on Google June 14, 2022

My fiancee and I purchased my wedding ring from Jeweler's Touch
just a few weeks ago. The ring was a special order and is one that can't
simply be resized. When it arrived I tried it on straight away only to
find that it was too large.

We emailed Jeweler's Touch, but it was somewhat late so neither of us
expect to hear anything back right away. Shockingly, Jimmy got back to
us within the hour and went to unthinkable lengths to remedy the

We live pretty far from the store (~50 miles), yet Jimmy offered to
drive all the way to us the next day. He personally resize me and
ordered a replacement in the smaller size. This easily added a few extra
hours of work onto his day, not to mention the frustration of dealing
with LA rush hour traffic.

With this caliber of service, we would be hard pressed to go anywhere
else for our jewelry needs. Thank you agin Jeweler's Touch and thank you
in particular Jimmy! You are a gentleman and a scholar!

Daniel Jaffe

Posted on Google July 15, 2022

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My husband and I purchased my engagement ring and his wedding band from
Jewelers Touch 12 years ago. We have since moved to MN and were back in
CA for a quick visit. Brandon was fabulous and was able to get my ring
repaired and cleaned in less than 24 hours before we had to leave. It’s
worth a trip to CA to continue using Jewelers Touch, we haven’t found
another jeweler that compares!

Michelle B

Posted on Google January 16, 2022

I went to Jeweler's Touch in search of my engagement ring and what I
found was the most incredible jewelry store EVER! The staff there was
super friendly and just plain AWESOME. Jimmy helped me pick the perfect
stone and find just the perfect setting and wedding band to fit my
budget. They had BEAUTIFUL jewelry there. The store is huge so they had
lots of options. They do their own repairs and stuff onsite.... you can
watch them through the window! Plus, they also said that they buy gold
and estate items if you are interested in that. And when I was all said
and done my fiance and I took a picture with my beautiful new ring in
front of their "Love Wall" which was done by the famous artist Ruben
Rojas! Highly recommend!

Katie Dorrell

Posted on Google September 2, 2021

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Corey is the man! He sincerely matches every once of enthusiasm you
have. He has such a good knowledge of his stock and what can be made
in-house that you will have every confidence in finding your dream
piece. Not only was he able to find the perfect stone (and Jimmy the
genius was able to break down the value of my stone and explain how they
are appraised), but he was genuinely interested in the how I was going
to propose. He even helped me workshop my idea and was excited to meet
my fiancée. I have already been back for other purchases. Every employee
is happy to be there and helpful. This is my jeweler.

Scott Fournet

Posted on Google July 23, 2017

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I want to say thank you for the experience in shopping for my
husband and I’s wedding rings. One of the owner’s, Ken, introduced us to
Pam to assist with picking out our favorites. Pam was amazingly
attentive to all our questions and made us feel like we were shopping
for a ring with a friend. I am glad to call this the one and only
jeweler I will ever go to in my future.

Samantha Huitron

Posted on Website November 8, 2020

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My fiancee and I are not materialistic, but her mother is. Jewelers
Touch helped me find a simulated diamond with a white gold ring for
under $600. When my future mother in law examined the ring under her
magnifying glass, she told my fiancé that the ring was very nice and
it's just like one in her "collection". She assumed I spent 9-10k.

Rusty Shackleford

Posted on Website August 31, 2018

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Love this store with its up to date many styles of everyday and
luxury jewelry! Corey provided excellent recommendations and
professional service. No pressure ..friendly environment...purchased 3

Janet Scott

Posted on Website July 9, 2018

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I have had a medallion on my key ring for 40 years, but it was
broken in a freak accident when it got run over. Multiple jewelers
refused to work on it so it's been in my purse broken for 3 years. I
heard a jewelers touch radio commercial and decided to call. Tony was
kind and helpful and I sent it in for evaluation. Long story short,
Tony called to let me know that Margi had fixed my medallion and it was
better than new...and HE WAS RIGHT! It is beautiful. Thank you for
treating a very sentimental piece as if it were one of the Crown Jewels.
Seeing it whole again still makes me "mist up."


Posted on Website February 23, 2018

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after looking at several jewelers for a special eternity ring for
my wife that had to be done in three weeks with an exclusive pair of
matched diamonds Jeweler's Touch came to the rescue producing the ring
in two and a half weeks and it looked spectacular. My thanks to the
great team they have at the Touch


Posted on Website November 29, 2017

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My fiance and I had an incredible experience at your store. We went
looking for an engagement ring together. This place is amazing and
really made our experience incredibly special and unforgettable. Thank


Posted on Website May 16, 2015

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Thank you for all your time and effort to recreate and replace my
grandmother's earring. Your patience this past year is very, very much appreciated!


Posted on Website April 6, 2015

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You have been amazing throughout this whole experience. Right from
engagement ring to wedding gifts. Everyone loved their gifts. We truly
appreciate the time and effort you put in to help us.

Olivia & Austin

Posted on Website February 21, 2015

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Thank you for the miraculous fix of my 1970 Omega watch. I am able
to enjoy wearing it again, something I didn't think possible.


Posted on Website January 29, 2015

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We both want to thank you & everyone at Jewelers Touch very
much for all the personal care & attention that you have given us in
the repair, cleaning, & excellent advice in the selection of our
jewelry over the years.

Earl & Barbra

Posted on Website November 17, 2014

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In this day and age you don't expect to get the kind of service you & Jeweler's Touch provides. Truly exceptional.


Posted on Website August 4, 2014

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I just wanted to thank you for the absolute incredible service you
provided me with a few weeks ago. I had 2 bracelets re-strung and I am
absolutely satisfied with the results. Your customer service was beyond
my expectations when I visited your store.


Posted on Website June 1, 2014

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Thank you so much for all you did for Dan and I. You went above and
beyond to keep your word to us, and I have been impressed with your
work over and over. Even with all your challenges I will recommend you
to anyone looking for excellence & quality. Again, thank you.


Posted on Website April 27, 2014

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All of you at Jewelers Touch... please accept my sincere & deep
appreciation & grateful thanks for your caring and thoughtfulness.


Posted on Website February 10, 2014

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Just wanted to say a Big 'Thank You' To You! For your help on this
latest ring. I so appreciate your guidance & patience as we went
through the process of selecting a gemstone... (and) to the artist that
set my stone for her insight on design setting & stability. So glad
you both took your time to get all the details right. Everyone there has
been so warm and welcoming. The vibe in the store is always so
comfortable, like you are coming to visit friends.


Posted on Website January 13, 2014


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