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We Buy Gold, Platinum, Silver, Diamonds & More

Do you know what your jewelry is worth?

It may be more than you think and a source of cash just sitting in that jewelry box. Now may be the perfect time to sell those vintage earrings or old bridal jewelry.

At Jeweler’s Touch, we offer fair market rates for all jewelry. Every piece we receive is carefully examined and its carat count is tested. While you watch, we’ll weigh the item and determine a price on the spot. And, your quote is free!

You can receive either a:

Direct Payment

Get cash or a check on the same day.

Store Credit

Earn up to 10% more for your gold (new jewelry or repairs).

If you prefer to sell us just the metal setting, we’ll carefully remove the diamonds and other gems and return them to you for safekeeping. We’ll issue payment or store credit for the parts. But you also have the option to use what you keep and custom design a brand new, unique piece with us!

We Buy Any Precious Metal

Whatever you’ve got, we’ll take a look at it and make a great offer. Do you have diamonds, silver, platinum, or even scrap gold? We’ll buy it. If you’ve got fine watches, gemstones, old coins or bullion, or even dental gold to sell, we’ll give you top dollar for it.

Feel free to book your appointment online, or call us at (714) 880-8597 to learn more.


Your jewelry is special and we want you to be able to wear it with confidence.