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Diamond Rings

Do You Prefer Yellow Gold or White Gold Diamond Rings?

A diamond ring represents your love, commitment, and personal style. It’s an investment that can last through the ages if properly cared for. But first, you must select one that has deep meaning to you, whether it is simple and elegant or overstated and extravagant. Quality is also important. White gold and yellow gold both have alloys added to make them stronger. White gold diamond rings have nickel and other white metals and are plated with rhodium. They’re more durable than yellow gold diamond rings, which are often mixed with copper.

Find a Diamond Ring That Suits You Best

In general, yellow gold is more hypoallergenic. It provides a softer look and suits warmer skin tones. If you prefer a more silvery sheen, white gold is a great choice for diamond rings (however, our sterling silver diamond rings are also stunning). White gold is brightened with rhodium plating, which also provides a barrier between nickel alloys and your skin. However, palladium is a good alternative if you have a metal allergy.

Find Diamond Rings that Sparkle

If white gold diamond rings catch your eye, why not maximize the sparkle with oval, pear-shaped, or emerald-cut diamonds? Yellow gold goes well with a bezel-set center stone and also fancy colored diamonds and colored gemstones like rubies and emeralds. A yellow gold diamond ring also helps pearls stand out and complement the brilliance of diamonds. However, different stones and combinations can also go great with white gold, depending on a ring’s design.

Choose a Ring That Matches Your Style

Go big or go small with your gems or choose from non-traditional diamond rings with stackable, bypass, curved, or layered designs. At Jeweler’s Touch, we have hundreds of choices from brands like A. Jaffe, Allison Kaufman, Gabriel & Co., Julie Vos, and others. They represent simple and more intricate designs, so you can pick between traditional style or unique rings. Our catalog is large and diverse but can also be used for inspiration. If you have something else in mind, contact our design team to discuss your preferences for a custom-designed diamond ring that matches your vision.

We have white gold diamond rings, yellow gold diamond rings, sterling silver diamond rings, and more available now at all price ranges. Make your purchase online. Or, contact us for more information or to discuss custom design options.