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Diamond Jewelry

We offer a vast collection of diamond jewelry representing virtually every type and style. Whether you’re seeking a piece for a specific outfit, look, or occasion, or simply for everyday wear, you can find what you want and need. A diamond piece can be classic or trendy. It can be a simple diamond solitaire piece or feature a sophisticated design with colored gemstones and a mix of metals. Show your low-key or glamorous side. At Jeweler’s Touch, there is truly something for everyone.

What Types of Diamond Jewelry Suit You Best?

We provide a full range of choices to accessorize. Our jewelry selection consists of white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, and platinum pieces that can be adorned with diamonds in any way possible. A one-stop jewelry store, we sell, appraise, repair, and buy jewelry and have a full team of diamond experts familiar with:

  • Diamond Rings: A diamond engagement or wedding ring symbolizes everlasting love and is to be cherished for the rest of your life. We offer rings of all styles but can custom design one based on your vision. Our certified professionals will help you every step of the way.
  • Diamond Earrings: We sell diamond studs, hoops, huggies, and other types of earrings. You can choose earrings to go with other diamond jewelry or to complement a diamond necklace. There are so many sparkling, brilliant designs to pick from.
  • Diamond Pendants: A diamond pendant hanging from your necklace can be symbolic. It may also be the finishing touch to your look. Pendants can be made of any type of metal and be paired with a slim chain, rope chain, or lariat necklace.
  • Diamond Necklaces: A diamond necklace can be the centerpiece of your outfit. It can be a simple chain; chokers remain firm around your neck, but diamond necklaces of various lengths are available and can hang down the neckline. They can be adorned with letters, symbols, shapes, or gemstones as charms.
  • Diamond Bracelets: We offer tennis bracelets, station bracelets, cuff bracelets, paperclip bracelets, lariat bracelets, and more. A bracelet can represent a belief or serve as a versatile jewelry accessory. The design choices are limitless, and bracelets remain as diverse and popular as ever.
  • Diamond Charms: Gold or silver charms can be worn on a diamond necklace, bracelet, or anklet. Charms tend to be smaller than pendants and are often interchangeable; you can change them if you wish to personalize your diamond jewelry as you please.

How to Choose Your Diamond Jewelry

Are you buying jewelry for a loved one to mark a special occasion, such as an engagement, wedding, anniversary, or graduation? Or are you just looking to spruce up your look? There is something for everyone and even more, you can pick a diamond based on many qualities.

A diamond’s cut rating determines its brightness, while diamond colors range from colorless to lightly colored (fancy-colored diamonds are also available). Clarity refers to the presence of surface and internal flaws and carat count defines a diamond’s weight; higher-carat diamonds are more valuable, but the best carat count is determined by a diamond ring’s size and setting. And, depending on the jewelry and your preference, you can pick a solitaire setting, halo setting, pavé setting, bezel setting, or channel setting.

Contact Jeweler’s Touch

The experts at Jeweler’s Touch can explain all your options. Conveniently located in Brea, CA in North Orange County, we’ll answer any question to help you decide on your next diamond jewelry purchase.

Continue browsing to find exquisite diamond jewelry or learn more about it, or contact us directly for more information.