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How to Stack Your Jewelry

How to Stack Your Jewelry

Stacking jewelry, layering necklaces, and adorning your fingers with multiple rings has become a staple fashion trend. But you don’t have to empty your jewelry box just to rock the look. Remember, we’re going for bold and tasteful elegance, not overkill. There is an art to tastefully stacking your jewelry and we’re here to let you know how to stack like a supermodel.

How to Stack Your Jewelry

The old adage “less is more” doesn’t really apply here. Layering or stacking jewelry is a great way to add glam to an otherwise stale outfit. It is especially helpful if you are trying to transition from work to a more playful, evening look. Instead of bringing an extra outfit with you, simply switch out your flats for heels or a wedge and layer your neckline up with necklaces of varying lengths to get a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Whether you’re staking slim gold bands with a chunky gemstone statement ring, or deciding to mix and match precious metal necklaces for a more boho vibe, here is a quick guide to successfully stacking jewelry.

  • Stacking Bracelets - Bracelet stacking has been going on for decades. From thin and thick bangles to multiple tennis bracelets on both wrists, stacked bracelets are an all too common fashion choice. There are all sorts of ways to rock this look. But if you’re new to stacking jewelry, start off small and wear textures and precious metals that complement one another. You could even choose to accent the stack with one charm bracelet to make it stand out even more. A great go-to jewelry designer that offers a wide variety of jeweled stackable bracelets is Gabriel & Co Jewelry. Jeweler’s Touch is thrilled to offer these beautiful pieces as part of our featured jewelry brand selections.


  • Layering & Stacking Necklaces - This is a little more tricky to pull off, but once you have the eye for it, you’ll never want to wear a lone necklace again. The most popular look is to layer dainty, delicate necklaces of varying lengths together, about an inch in length apart. One necklace could have a pendant, while the others may not. And yes, you can mix and match metals. It was once said that you shouldn’t add more than one statement necklace, but that rule is being broken regularly now. A new jewelry stacking trend is to blend chunky chokers with layers of bolder statement necklaces to get a modern, Egyptian queen look. Whether you dial it down or go full-blown diva, just be conscious of your necklaces becoming tangled before they get out of hand.
  • Stacking Rings - When it comes to stackable rings and bracelets, jewelry designer Freida Rothman knows her stuff and says, “You’ll never find me without a bangle or ring stack.” Feel regal with bejeweled fingers of rose gold and silver. To get the desired look you’ll want to stack rings on one or two fingers and leave other fingers ring-free. You’re welcomed to move the placement around until you feel like you have gotten it just right. Remember, stacking jewelry comes with few rules. Be as bold, or as feminine as you want to be. Jeweler’s Touch is proud to showcase Freida Rothman as a featured designer.


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