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Popular Men’s Wedding Rings

Popular Men’s Wedding Rings

Men often get overlooked when it comes to ornamental symbols of matrimony. Maybe it’s high time we pay an added interest to the kind of wedding bands men are shopping for these days.

For those not on-trend with martial jewelry, times have certainly changed in the men’s wedding band category. Jewelry stores that were once riddled with nothing but silver and gold wedding ring options, now are a wash of different materials, colors and styles.

Traditional, precious metal wedding bands are popular for a reason. Gold, silver and platinum wedding bands have lasting power if properly cared for. They also have generational value and are a solid financial investment.

But what if your lifestyle calls for a wedding band with more ‘give’ and flexibility? A piece that exudes originality, and is also affordable? Well, you’re in luck. There are a wealth of options out there for men that want to break from the herd and carve out their own path.

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Popular Wedding Bands for Men 

Silicone & Rubber Wedding Bands - Silicone wedding rings are all the rage in recent years. With younger generations putting more weight on practicality, rather than opulence, it isn’t that strange that they would opt for more functional wedding bands. The pros of rubber wedding bands are obvious. The material is lightweight, grossly affordable and doesn’t pose any risk of being lost while working or adventuring. Silicone wedding bands are super customizable. You can choose from the full color spectrum and get them personalized to suit your style.

Chrome & Cobalt Wedding Bands - Similar to white gold wedding bands, cobalt wedding rings are a popular choice amongst younger men. They offer the beautiful shine of white gold, but don’t carry the unpleasant price tag. Cobalt rings do not tarnish or corrode easily, making them an enduring option for those that don’t like to fuss over accessories.

Tungsten Wedding Rings - Another white gold look-alike, the durability of tungsten wedding bands is undeniable. Scratch resistant, affordable and shockingly rigid, tungsten is a popular choice for those seeking an alternative to white gold bands. Injury is not a worry with this wedding ring. Tungsten isn’t malleable whatsoever, so if an unfortunate accident did occur, the ring would not bend or inflict further harm to the finger.

Whatever wedding band you decide to go with, it is important to know that you have far more options than you may think. Before settling on a material and style, consider your lifestyle and occupation. If you are more active or have a hands-on job, you make want to opt for a wedding band that is either super durable or extremely flexible. Traditional silver and gold wedding bands have some ‘give’ to them, so consider that before making your purchase. Jeweler’s Touch can help guide you through a variety of options and styles. 

Start new traditions with Jeweler’s Touch selection of popular men’s wedding rings. For the highest quality engagement rings and wedding bands, call Jeweler’s Touch: (714) 868-7556

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