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Those that invest in beautifully flawless gemstones and precious metals understand the value of having a close relationship with their jeweler or jewelers. A reputable jeweler that is trustworthy and knowledgeable is worth their weight in gold. But finding a jewelry store that has GIA gemologists on staff, is the ideal scenario you want to find yourself in. In past blogs, we have discussed how to find a quality jeweler in your area. Today, we’ll delve into the importance of working with a certified GIA gemologist.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the most widely respected source of gemological knowledge. This organization has a lengthy history of determining gem quality and setting industry standards. The GIA remains at the forefront of research as it pertains to gems.

With more than 80 years as a non-profit educational institution, the GIA has worked tirelessly to protect consumers by training jewelry professionals to adhere to best practices and ethically share up-to-date information with the gem-buying public.

The Beauty of Working With a Certified GIA Gemologist

For jewelry aficionados, it is second nature to seek out jewelers that are GIA certified. But for consumers that are just entering the world of gemstones and precious metals, it is important that you understand what GIA certified means and how it can improve your shopping experience and protect your investment.

It isn’t uncommon for jewelers to proudly display their GIA credentials and advertise it on their website. Be sure to look around for that certification when you’re vetting jewelers. The GIA gemologist certification signifies a commitment to uphold professionalism and practice principled methods in the buying, selling and appraising of gemstones. Here are just a couple of the benefits of working with a GIA gemologist.

  • Higher Standards - GIA gemologists are held to a higher standard than your typical jewelry specialist. Diamonds and gemstones should be subjected to a wide variety of tests before being certified by the GIA. Your GIA gemologist will determine clarity by magnifying the stone by 10x to isolate imperfections within the stone. They are highly trained to spot out anomalies that the untrained eye is unable to see. GIA gemologists not only consider the color and size of the gemstone, but also the exact location and quantity of the inclusions within the stone. While this may seem like a daunting and superhuman task, it is what they are trained to do. This is to distinguish the grade of one stone from another to ensure you are getting the best quality gemstone or diamond for the price.
  • Having Confidence in Your Purchase - When you purchase a diamond or gemstone that is certified by a GIA gemologist you know you’re getting exactly what you paid for. They have the credentials to back up their recommendations at the point of sale. You can rest assured you are getting the very best gemstone and diamonds from jewelers with a GIA certification.

Remember, your GIA gemologist isn’t trying to sell you anything. They are in place to educate you about your gemstone and to offer a comprehensive report so you can make a sound purchase. All reports that are handed over by a GIA certified gemologist will include the 4Cs - carat, cut, clarity, and color. Every inclusion will be listed during their thorough screening process. Their attention to detail is the reason why they are held in such high regard and a valued asset to the consumer and to jewelers.

Jeweler’s Touch Has GIA Gemologists on Staff and In-House

Jeweler’s Touch is a family-owned and operated jewelry store that opened in 1992 with a team of in-house GIA Graduate Gemologists, Accredited Jewelry Professionals, Certified Diamontologists and skilled Goldsmiths. We offer our esteemed clientele an educated, fun and relaxed atmosphere. We specialize in custom-designed jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, fine & fashion jewelry, and timepieces. Let us help you punctuate time periods and celebrate the landmarks in your life.

Start new traditions with Jeweler’s Touch. We specialize in both traditional and non-diamond engagement rings. For the highest quality gemstones and conflict-free diamonds, come in to visit the best Jeweler in Orange County: (714) 868-7556

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