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Even in times of great stress and uncertainty, we should still honor the ones we love. If you are one of the fortunate few that has made it to your 60th wedding anniversary, you deserve warm congratulations. Not many couples can say that they’ve made it six decades by each other’s side.

With 60 years of marriage behind you, what better time than now to pay tribute to your partner, the one person that has been so good to you all of these years. Diamonds are typically the gift that commemorates the 60th anniversary. So in keeping with tradition, let’s dive into the captivating allure of diamonds and why they continue to hold a place in our hearts and minds.

History of Diamonds & the 60th Wedding Anniversary

White diamonds are durable, luminous and everlasting, just as the bond is between you and your spouse. It is the ideal gift to honor years of commitment and loyalty. But how did the diamond come to be the chosen gift for 60th wedding anniversaries?

Well, while the history of white diamonds stretches back centuries, Queen Victoria seems to be responsible for anointing the diamond as the official 60th anniversary gemstone. The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria celebrated her 60-year reign, and with that, the sixty-year diamond tradition was born.

Diamond Anniversary Gifts for Your Spouse

Since white diamonds signify sixty years of marriage, it is obvious that our list consists exclusively of this precious gemstone. Worn by royalty and coveted for millennia, diamonds are the epitome of class and luxury.

  • Diamond Earrings - White diamond earrings are a great gift for both sexes and can be worn throughout the year. Diamond studs will surely dazzle your loved one on your 60th wedding anniversary.
  • White Diamond Ring - What woman would not fall over when being presented a ring with a single white diamond in a classic setting. Since diamonds are showstoppers on their own, a lone diamond is an ideal way to let her know just how special she is all of these decades later.
  • Diamond Cufflinks - If your spouse still enjoys putting on a suit or tuxedo every now and again, then this would be an excellent gift. Flawless diamonds hold their value, so even if you’re not attending the Met Gala this year, your diamond cufflinks will make a lasting impression on your devoted husband.
  • Diamond Encrusted Watch - Watches are a little more practical and it doesn’t really require a special occasion to wear them. You don’t have to go overboard, but a high-quality timepiece with subtle diamonds running throughout the face is a gift that can be handed down through the generations.
  • Diamond Necklace or Pendant - The perfect gift, for the perfect person. A beautiful sterling silver necklace with a diamond pendant will look absolutely stunning as it rests regally on her décolletage.

How to Get an Anniversary Greeting From the White House

Most people are unaware, but when it comes to sixtieth wedding anniversaries, you can request that the White House write you an official greeting in celebration of your hallmark moment. Here is how to get your very own anniversary card from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Rules: Obviously not just everyone can request that the White House write them a letter. After all, they are busy over there. A few things to remember. You must be a U.S. citizen and there is a limit to how many requests you can submit in a day. It is best to request your anniversary greeting or wedding card well in advance so that it gets to you on time.


  • Notate the full legal name of who will be on the receiving end of the Presidential greeting
  • Provide the address of where you want it sent
  • Include the exact date of the wedding or anniversary in this format (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Express the number of years you have been married
  • Add your name and daytime phone number.

So there you have it. White diamonds and a letter from the White House. It doesn’t really get any more memorable or romantic than that. May the love felt on your 60th wedding anniversary create lasting memories for years to come.

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