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Aquamarine and Bloodstone make up a perfect pair of equally intriguing birthstones for the month of March. While the two couldn’t be more unalike in appearance, they both are said to protect one’s health and wellbeing. If you were born in March, either of these birthstones are an enticing choice to have set in a ring or fashioned into a necklace. Let’s dive into the deep sea complexions of these two very intriguing birthstones, from where they are mined to the mysteries that cling to their histories.

Aquamarine Birthstone History & Fun Facts

Aquamarine birthstones are typically free of inclusions and flaws allowing them to show off their wide spectrum of ocean blue hues. Said to symbolize the purity of one’s soul, these clear blue March birthstones got their name from the Latin definition for seawater. Ancient seafarers told tales of calm waters when the stone was aboard their ships, and soldiers believed that aquamarine would offer protection on the battlefield. Other rumored benefits of wearing aquamarine include a healthy love life, and that they make the wearer quick-witted and undefeatable.

These surf colored stones are not only the birthstone for March, but aquamarine is also considered a suitable 19th wedding anniversary gift. Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was graciously gifted a deep blue rectangular-cut aquamarine gemstone from the Brazilian government that weighed in at nearly 1,300 carats.



  • Brazil - For the past two hundred years, most of the world’s aquamarine has been mined in Brazil, specifically the state of Minas Gerais. The eastern section of the state has the perfect combination of primary and secondary pegmatite deposits that create ideal conditions for aquamarine to form within the rock.
  • Pakistan - But aquamarine isn’t just native to Brazil. Aquamarine can also be found in Pakistan at high altitudes in the Karakorum foothills. Miners risk life and limb to reach the aquamarine deposits. Found at elevations as high as 13,500 feet, these treks not only require miners to climb some seriously steep pathways, but they are forced to work on the side of sharp cliffs.
  • Africa - Aquamarine birthstones are found throughout most parts of Africa including Kenya, Nigeria, and Zambia, as well as Madagascar and Mozambique. The demand for gemstones has caused conflict in certain regions in Africa, making some mining operations dangerous. Tanzania obtains the wealth of its gemstones from a geological feature referred to as the Mozambique Orogenic Belt, which is one of the most plentiful and hearty gem deposits in the world.
  • The United States - Surprisingly, the U.S. has its own aquamarine deposits. Colorado even has aquamarine listed as its state gem. Aside from Colorado, San Diego and Riverside county in California also have aquamarine mines.



Aquamarine is absolutely durable enough to wear on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shine it up every now and again. This easy-case gemstone can be polished with a combination of mild dish soap and warm water. You can use either a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently get any grime off the stone, or you can use a soft cloth to clean and rub it dry. For an aquamarine birthstone that doesn’t have any visible fractures or fissures, it is likely safe to use either an ultrasonic or steam jewelry cleaner.

Bloodstone Birthstone History & Care

The Bloodstone birthstone is an interesting amalgam of colors, minerals, and oxides. Also known as heliotrope, the name is derived from the ancient Greek word for ‘to turn to sun’. Typically, bloodstone has a dark green jasper tone with red inclusions of hematite and iron oxides.

Bloodstone was once believed to turn the sun red if the gemstone was placed in a body of water. It holds some religious importance as well. For some, the name bloodstone was given to the gemstone because the color and patterns resembled the blood of Christ.

This March birthstone is said to have mystical properties as well. Among them are good health, youth, invisibility, and superhuman strength. However, more modern beliefs center around bloodstones bringing good luck. In some parts of the world, mainly India, bloodstone is pulverized into a powder and taken as an aphrodisiac. While bloodstone lacks the crystalline luster of its sister stone aquamarine, people the world over cherish bloodstone for its healing properties.


India is actually the leading source of the world’s bloodstone production. But bloodstone deposits have been uncovered all over the globe in parts of Brazil, China, Australia, and America. Smaller pebbles of bloodstone have even been found in riverbeds in other parts of the world. Because bloodstone has been found all over the place, floating freely in rivers and in rock cavities, it isn’t a very pricey gemstone. You can find polished bloodstone very easily online at affordable prices.


As with most gemstones, it isn’t advised you use any chemical cleaning solutions to clean your bloodstone jewelry. It is also sensitive to extreme heat, so wearing it out to the beach may be a bad idea. To safely clean bloodstone you can create a bath of warm water and a mild soap. Simply soak it for a few minutes and then rub your fingers or a soft cloth over it until it is dry. Since bloodstone is barely a 7 on the Mohs scale, it is important to take added care of it and store it wrapped in a soft cloth.

Whether you are a fan of the clear blue bling of aquamarine, or you prefer a more earthy representation of your birth month, one thing is clear. Both bloodstone and aquamarine are awesome birthstones to have. Take good care of your gemstones and make sure you are buying them from a reputable jeweler you can trust. Call Jeweler’s Touch today and ask about our selection of aquamarine bracelets.

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