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Father’s day is this weekend and we know that women aren’t the only ones who enjoy the gift of high-end fashion. In fact, at Jeweler’s Touch, we assist customers each day in purchasing gifts for the men in their lives, especially this time of the year! We believe that fashion isn’t exclusive to women, which is why we offer our clients a variety of high-end masculine pieces as well. One of our most sought after designers includes William Henry, whose extensive line has gifts for every dad and their style.

William Henry Shattering The Standards Of Men’s Luxury Fashion

Some people falsely believe the stereotype that there is something feminine about men’s fashion. Apparently, none of these individuals have seen the bold, artistry that is William Henry. One glance at their products and your perspective of what men’s fashion is will completely change. They do an incredible job of combining breathtaking art and a vivid sense of virility. The brand originally started out as William Henry Knifes in 1997.

The name “William Henry” was derived from the middle names of the two founders of the company, Matthew William Conable, and Michael Henry Honack. Matt is the designer, master knife-maker, and successful leader. While Michael is the mastermind behind the startup’s success, he continues to provide business advice and strategy today. In their first year of production, Matt crafted over 200 pieces entirely on his own. Now they have a team of about ten artists, each with a bio on their website, who collectively work to create the eye-catching masterpieces that make up our William Henry collection.

”...these rare pieces are imbued with the personality of their owners, and become part of their living legacy” - Matt Conable

Gazing at any William Henry piece, you can’t help but find yourself admiring the vast detail in their design. It’s difficult to fathom or even quantify the passion and devotion that these great artists put into each and every one. The longer you bask in its ambiance, the more you realize the bold, yet silent story behind it. However, this story only the owner can tell, as over time he has become one with the piece.

The incredible pieces designed and masterfully crafted by the expert artists at William Henry are real works of art. They are creating profoundly innovated pieces! Many of their designs completely transform an everyday tool such as a knife or a pen into a chef-d’oeuvre. These artists are self-proclaimed innovators, stating that they “continue to redefine excellence and keep that evolving vision of excellence in (their) hearts, hands, and eyes each day, one creation at a time.”

“When we make a knife, pen, cufflink, money clip, or golf tool, we define luxury and exclusivity by uniqueness.” - Matt Conable

It is not a secret that William Henry’s goal is to refine luxury through their powerful, bold designs. This is one of the reasons it shouldn’t be a surprise that many celebrities adorn these timelessly luxurious pieces. Famous owners of William Henry jewelry or knives include Harrison Ford, Laurence Fishburne, John Varvatos, Zac Brown, Billy Gibbon, Pierce Brosnan, George Lopez and even Luke Bryan. There are also several female celebrities who are proud owners of William Henry pieces including Jaime Alexander and Cameron Diaz.

The fact that every single piece is handcrafted by one of their expert artists is one of the reasons that William Henry is considered such an exclusive brand. These pieces are designed and manufactured by the blood, sweat, and tears of a true artist. Each detail hand carved or etched by steady, experienced hands. Most modern jewelry isn’t made with such passion, precision, and hands-on expertise. This is only one of many reasons that William Henry pieces standout in the world of high-end men’s fashion.

We know the struggle some women face finding the perfect gift for the dads in their life. This is why we dedicate countless hours of research into the pieces, styles, and designers our customers were interested in. Through this endless research, we can offer our clients unique, luxury designs such as those by William Henry. If you’re interested in learning more about William Henry or would like to see the pieces we carry, please feel free to contact us or visit our store today. Our professionally trained experts will assist you in discovering which piece is perfect for your unique jewelry needs.

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