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At Jeweler’s Touch, we pride ourselves on our commitment to please each of our customers. Every one of the products we carry in our store was hand chosen based on our customer’s desires. We know that our customers have unique jewelry needs. This is one of the reasons we are always in search of new collections to carry. In fact, we are excited to announce that we now carry a new line located based out of Toronto, HERA. These magnificent jewelry pieces are only some of the exquisite additions coming to our ever-growing selection this summer!

Each Design Is Inspired by Hera’s Mediterranean Roots

Each piece Hera designs reflects her rich cultural roots, as well as her childhood. She creatively weaves her Mediterranean roots into each piece by using element linking back to ancient Greek mythology. In fact, the Greek Goddess, Hera, is known as the guardian of love. The motto "Live Life” has also been an inspiration in her one-of-a-kind jewelry creations. Hera believes that we are each the curators of our love, our fate, and of our lives. The fascinating jewelry that she creates undoubtedly echo this same belief.

 If you look closely, you spot it in the beautiful representation of a kotinos, a Greek wreath made of olive branches. It can also be found in several peacocks inspired pieces. Not to mention the intricately etched designs that adorn a majority of the collection. These beautiful additions engrain a story into each and every one of these timeless pieces that are nothing short of fascinating. See for yourself, you can’t help but be drawn into their intricate detail and design.

Family Is A Big Part

In fact, her father was a master craftsman who inspired her passion for creating elegant wearable art in the form of jewelry. As a child, Hera was introduced to the art of design and crafting jewelry early on. Her love for bringing unique pieces to life continued to grow over time, eventually evolving into HERA Jewelry. While the business is based in Toronto, these eclectic pieces can be found all over the world.

 With the encouragement and loving support of her late husband, Varuj, she began an amazing jewelry company. After her husband’s passing, her sons have joined her in growing her unique brand, HERA. This deep connection to family is a powerful driving factor in Hera’s insatiable passion for creativity. We find the love and passion shown thrown each design to be just as captivating as the piece itself.

 We strive to offer our customers the pieces that we know they are interested in. When we discovered HERA Jewelry, we knew we needed to find a way to add these stunning pieces to our collection. We are excited to share this exciting news of expanding what we offer our customers. In fact, throughout the summer we will be adding several new brands to our selection. If you are interested in learning more about HERA Jewelry, please feel free to contact us or visit us in store.

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