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At Jeweler’s Touch, we know that some of our customers’ needs can only be met through uniquely designed custom jewelry. We love the challenge and creativity behind each custom piece that we make. In fact, creating custom jewelry is our passion and one of the reasons Jeweler’s Touch was started. We believe that every customer deserves to find or design “the perfect piece” that fits their needs and we love helping them achieve that dream.


We Ensure All Of Our Customers Get The Option Of Custom Jewelry

Yes, you read that correctly! Our pricing is flexible enough that you can create a custom piece starting as low as $300.00. We believe it is important to do everything we can to ensure that each of our customers is satisfied. By offering affordable custom jewelry, we are able to assist many of our clients in purchasing pieces they could previously only dream about. We know how important these custom pieces are to our clients, as well as the sentimental value they will hold. This is why we are devoted to helping our customers make their dream jewelry a reality.


Our Custom Designed Jewelry Is Created By Experts

We don’t just create custom jewelry, we ensure that it is the highest quality available on the market. How do we accomplish that? All of our custom jewelry is crafted by our specialized team of GIA Gemologists, experienced designers, and diamond experts, using a cutting-edge 3D CAD system. We utilize the expertise and the creative flair of our in-house experts to help our customers think “out-of-the-box” through the design process, ensuring that the final product is truly a unique masterpiece. In fact, all of our custom jewelry is created right here in our North Orange County Studio by our in-house team of experts.


We Offer A Variety of Custom Jewelry Options

We have a lot of clients who dream of the creating custom jewelry but don’t want to start 100% from scratch. If you fall into that category too, don’t worry! We have the perfect options to achieve your jewelry needs. We want to assist you in creating the perfect piece, regardless of how in-depth your customization goes. Check out the options below to get an idea of what kind of customization may fit your needs.

  • Custom Remount: Some of our customers have loose stones or diamonds, and sometimes even gold, that they would like used in customized jewelry. These clients may choose from our selection of jewelry castings and designs. Their stone(s) will then be set into them by our highly certified team of experts.
  • Semi-Custom: We understand that not all of our clients want to go through the process of a full custom jewelry design. This is the reason we offer several custom-made
    prototypes for them to choose from. These prototypes are all designed to allow our customers the flexibility of creative freedom. You can select the perfect loose diamonds, stones, and gold. Then we will alter and adjust these pieces to the specifications that you choose.
  • Full Custom: At Jeweler’s Touch, we strive to meet the expectations of each of our customer’s jewelry needs. We love working side-by-side with clients to create the pieces of their dreams! The process starts with a simple consultation, where you will assess your options hands-on while allowing us to learn about your unique, desired
    specifications. This is also when you would bring in any pictures or sketches you may have, and we’ll render a computerized design for your approval. A wax prototype is then created, allowing you request any adjustments before the final pieces are created. Next, we cast, fabricate, hand finish the ring, set the stone, and engrave your custom piece. Only after it passes our ten-step quality inspection will you be called to pick up your one-of-a-kind piece!


At Jeweler’s Touch, our passion is seeing our clients satisfied after we’ve assisted them in finding the perfect jewelry for their specific needs. In some cases, this involves creating a unique piece to meet a customer’s specification. We love that! We embrace the challenges and enjoy using our creativity to achieve a client’s dream. For more information about the custom jewelry options that we offer or to set up a consultation, contact us today.

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