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The bliss, the romance, and the unprecedented love. Marriage was everything Ted and KC had dreamed of. Well, almost. See these best friends were infatuated with their wives and life was going their way. The only problem was getting used to their wedding rings. Of course, they liked them, but their active lifestyles were pushing the boundaries. There had to be a happy medium because their active lifestyles weren’t going anywhere and neither was their marriages! One of the newest trends in wedding-related jewelry isn't quite what you'd expect. However, there's a pretty high chance that you wish you had one of these rings too. Believe it or not, but the story you just read is true! The founders of Qalo, KC Holiday and Ted Baker, created their business to meet this unique need. (And we are so glad that they did!)


Qalo Rings Are Nothing Like You’ve Seen Before

Designed to symbolize commitment and endure the adventures you take, Qalo rings are as unique as you are. These surprisingly classy rings are quite trendy and have become popular with a wide variety of people. They are developed to withstand whatever challenges that you throw its way. Not to mention, they come in a variety of styles and designs, which give you the freedom to express yourself! These rings give you the chance to show your devotion without sacrificing your comfort or escapades.


They’re Great For Adventurers

Rock Climbing, snorkeling, soccer, or even hitting the gym are some of the reasons our clients chose a Qalo ring. Your love and devotion should raise you up, not hold you back. The ring you wear as a sign of that commitment should too! Many of our customers with active lifestyles wear these rings comfortably during athletic games, outdoor adventures, and extreme sports. Others wear them for fishing, water actives, or even purely out of comfort. Regardless of the reasons they chose Qalo, it’s easy to see why they fell in love with these dynamic rings.


Many Industries Love Them Too

A majority of the people who buy Qalo rings in our store purchase them so that they can show their passionate dedication while on the job. These careers include our military, doctors, nurses, firefighters, search and rescue swimmers, industrial workers, and many other occupations. Unless you or a loved one works in one of these industries, you may not realize the inconvenience or discomfort traditional wedding rings can cause. It’s not limited just to those professions either, we have also sold these rings to many artists as well. You’d be surprised how convenient these rings are for so many hardworking professionals.


Let’s be honest, most people in the greater Los Angeles area live a pretty active lifestyle. That factor alone is why many of our customers chose these rings. Their durability means you don’t have to worry about damaging a traditional ring, even if your job is as rugged as they come! Some of our clients get a Qalo ring, as well as a traditional ring. Others choose just a Qalo! To learn more about Qalo and any other brands that we carry, please feel free to contact us or visit our store today! Our professionally trained experts would love to assist you in discovering the ring that is perfect for your individual needs.

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