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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and so is one of our busiest months of the year! Many of our customers visit our store in search of a special gift to show mom just how much she means to them. Since we are dedicated to customer service, we try to make it easy for our customers to find the perfect gift by throwing a Mother’s Day sales event May 12th and 13th featuring Bronzallure, one of our favorite Italian brands. Here are a few of the reasons we love Bronzallure and mothers will too…

Bronzallure Is A Brand That Cares

There is nothing like giving a gift that gives back! The month of May is all about moms and that’s one of the reasons we’ve decided to feature Bronzallure in our Mother’s Day event. Bronzallure Milano has partnered with Pink Is Good, a non-profit that supports breast cancer research, as well as aiding survivors and those currently in treatment. In fact, they have two beautiful pieces in their collection that directly benefit the cause! At Jeweler’s Touch, we believe in giving back to the community and the people who bring us all together, our mothers. This is one of the many reasons that we proudly carry the Bronzallure brand both during the month of May and year-round. Pink Is Good isn’t the only charity that Bronzallure donates to either, all the more reason to love this brand!

A Jewelry Brand Like No Other

Many jewelry companies are born from unique concepts and midnight ideas. However, Bronzallure has an extraordinary story of its very own! The inspiration behind Bronzallure’s famous “golden rosé” color was an unforgettable Milanese sunset. The legend reveals that the red rays of light that spread across the marble of the Duomo gently adorned soft pink and yellow hues. In fact, it took ten dedicated years to recreating and perfect the gorgeous shade seen that night. That commitment and dedication to creating an unparalleled piece are a quality that we seek in the brands that we feature during events. We believe that every client who walks through our doors has their own unique jewelry needs and cutting-edge brands such as Bronzallue allow us to offer them the pieces that meet those needs.

Bronzallure Is Always Creating

Not every jewelry company has the goal of continually creating and evolving. However, Bronzallure does! We are excited to announce that Bronzallure has a new collection, which will be available during our Mother’s Day event. While many brands take the comfortable approach of classic pieces that all follow a similar style, Bronzallure is breaking the mold! They are always developing new, innovative designs using colors only seen in Milan sunsets. Featuring Bronzallure was an easy choice, their eclectic jewelry and vast array of styles means that there is a piece for every mom!

Mother’s day isn’t far away! Enjoy the taste of Italy May 12th or 13th, while our jewelry experts assist you in finding the perfect gift for mom. Bring the whole family in to help pick out the perfect gift. (We will even be giving a gift for mom with each purchase, come on by to find out what it is.) For more information about Bronzallure or our Mother’s Day event, please feel free to stop by our store or to contact us today!

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