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How to Choose Gemstone Earrings to Match Your Skin Tone

How to Choose Gemstone Earrings to Match Your Skin Tone

With so many types of gemstones, how do you choose the perfect pair of gemstone earrings? Skin tone is one factor that helps pick gemstones. The minerals in a gem determine its color, while a crystal’s color is solely determined by internal light reflection, as we discussed in our blog on the differences between gemstones and crystals. But how does the color scheme of earrings with gemstones relate to your skin tone, and how do you pick a set to match it?

This is an important question when shopping for jewelry. We often think about the symbolism and emotional value of gemstones and the opportunities for self-expression they provide. Gemstone jewelry is also suited for virtually any setting or occasion. But to find the best match possible, it helps to have gemstone earrings that look great with your skin tone.

Gemstones for Cool Skin Tones

A cool skin tone means you have pink or red undertones. In natural light, the veins on the underside of your arm or wrist will look blue. You’ll want to stick with white- or silver-toned metals and brightly-colored gemstones. These include:

  • Amethyst: Amethyst is a deep purple color and is often considered calming. It is also inexpensive.

Amethyst Stud Earrings

  • Aquamarine: The cool blue color of aquamarine pairs well with cool skin tones. 
Aquamarine Earrings

  • Emerald: The best stones have a lighter hue, but emeralds come in all shades of green.
Emerald Earrings

  • Tanzanite: A violet hue and hint of red give tanzanite an appeal for people with cool skin tones.
Tanzanite Pear Shaped Earrings

  • Turquoise: This gemstone is sky blue and is a hallmark of southwestern jewelry, including gemstone earrings.

Minimalist Turquoise Earrings

Gemstones for Warm Skin Tones

A warmer skin complexion features yellow or gold undertones. The veins under your arm or wrist tend to look green in natural light. Therefore, look for metals with brown or yellow hues (yellow gold, copper, brass, etc.) and gemstones with an earthly or natural color, such as:

  • Yellow Topaz: The sunny yellow color of topaz is great for a warm skin tone. Citrine is also a yellow gem that’ll make your gemstone studs or drop earrings pop.
Dainty Yellow Topaz Earrings

  • Garnet: The pomegranate red hue of garnet suits it for warmer skin tones and warmer-hued metals.
Garnet Earrings

  • Alexandrite: Despite its color-shifting ability, often from piney green to burnt red, and vice versa, alexandrite stones go great with warm tones.
Alexandrite Stud Earrings

  • Smoky Quartz: The warm, brownish-gray hue of smoky quartz is especially suited for warm skin tones, and also invokes a sense of calmness.
Smoky Quartz Studs

  • Peridot: Peridot is typically an olive or brownish-green gem, allowing it to blend elegantly with the natural warmth of the skin.

Peridot Multi-Stone Earrings

Sapphire, ruby, and canary hues also enhance natural beauty and exude confidence in people with warmer skin tones. These gemstones can be beautiful and striking.

What Color Gemstone Goes Well with All Skin Tones?

Whether you choose studs, drop gemstone earrings, or any other style, neutral tones blend with any skin tone. White and black gemstones are practically universal. Nearly colorless, white diamonds look great with every skin tone or outfit, while pearls of various hues provide a natural and traditional choice for gemstone earrings

Opal Earrings

Opals, with their many dimensions of color, suit all skin tones. Some are blue, fiery red, or multi-hued. Red rubies and blue sapphires can also work with both cool and warm undertones.

Matching Gemstone Earrings with Skin Tone vs. Hair Color

When choosing earrings with gemstones, you want to consider the full picture. Skin tone isn’t the only variable, as earrings should always pair well with your hairstyle and color. If you have gray or white hair, onyx, darker garnets, and darker sapphires suit warm and cool skin tones. Bold and dark colors suit those with black hair. 

Black, white, red, and pink stones suit brunettes with cool skin tones. Those with warm tones best complement their look with green, brown, orange-red, and other earth tones. For blondes with cool skin tones, neutral colors are preferred, but an earthy green or blue color can suffice. However, redheads with all skin tones can look great with any colored gemstone, expanding their choices of earrings with gemstones.

Shop for Gemstone Earrings at Jeweler’s Touch

Dozens of pairs of earrings with gemstones are available on our website or in-store. Whether you’re looking for halo earrings, drop gemstone earrings, huggies, cluster earrings, or gemstone studs, we have something that suits every skin tone and personal style. Our search filters let you narrow down your options by metal, brand, and price range. Financing options are available. Feel free to make your purchase online, book an appointment at our store, or call (714) 579-1616 to learn more.

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