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Comparing Precious vs. Semi-Precious Gemstone Necklaces

Comparing Precious vs. Semi-Precious Gemstone Necklaces

Necklaces are among the most popular types of jewelry; in this article, we’ll compare precious vs. semi-precious gemstone necklaces to help you decide what to choose. Jeweler’s Touch offers a wide range of necklaces as well as gemstone pendants and charms. Therefore, we understand the thought and consideration that goes into combining these items. A gemstone necklace can be a focal point or a subtle complement to your outfit. 

Why Choose Precious Gems?

Precious stones are of the highest quality. Consisting of diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald, they’re known for their hardness, scratch resistance, and durability. They are also resistant to wear and retain their hue and luster over time.

Perhaps the most popular precious gemstone necklaces are those with diamonds. White, colorless diamonds are the most valuable but the rarest. A diamond’s color rating is ranked from D to Z. The higher in the alphabet you go, the darker the shade of white until the stone takes on a yellowish hue. While colorless diamonds are rare, so are blue, green, orange, pink, and, the rarest of them all, red diamonds.

Other precious stones for necklaces include:

  • Sapphire: Sapphire is notable for its striking blue color. However, some stones are yellow, orange, or green, depending on their chemical composition.
  • Ruby: Bright red rubies are the rarest and most sought-after, but a ruby stone can range from pink to purple to slightly brown.
  • Emerald: Ranging from pale green to deep green, an emerald stone is more sensitive to shock and is mounted in an emerald cut.

Colored diamonds, otherwise known as fancy diamonds, create a unique touch for your necklace. Blue sapphire, green emerald, and red ruby stones blend well with precious metals like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. It’s not uncommon to center a colored precious stone and surround it with smaller diamonds on a hanging pendant.

Why Choose Semi-Precious Gems?

Choosing a semi-precious gemstone necklace doesn’t give it any less meaning. Semi-precious stones come in a wide range of hues, expanding the range of options if you’re looking for a unique and personalized necklace. They can also retain their color with proper care. Best of all, many high-quality semi-precious gems are affordable. And, there are hundreds of them to choose from.

Semi-precious stones are generally softer than their precious counterparts. Their relative softness makes them more prone to scratching and damage. Because of this, you may want to take greater care when storing your necklace (keep it in a separate compartment or pouch from precious stone jewelry) or wear it only during special occasions or such that it’s not susceptible to contact with harder gems or accidental bumps.

Some of the more popular semi-precious gemstone necklaces have stones such as:

  • Amethyst: It can range from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple. Deeper and richer hues are rarer, but while more valuable, darker tones don’t sparkle as brightly. Medium to medium-dark amethysts are the most vibrant.
  • Peridot: It is a bright yellow-green gemstone that many consider more vibrant than emerald. Changbai peridots feature deep green hues and vibrant lime tones. Pakistani peridots tend to be lime or apple green (with subtle golden undertones), while Hunan peridots sport an attractive yellowness and clarity.
  • Aquamarine: Ranging from pale blue to dark blue, it can be quite valuable. Some aquamarine gems can take on a greenish-blue color. The depth and quality of its color and its clarity add to the demand for this stone.

Other semi-precious gemstones often included on necklaces include garnet, citrine, opal, blue topaz, and pearl. Opal is distinct for its flash of colors as it’s turned, while citrine is a yellow-to-red-orange gem that blends with “earth tone” fashions. Pearls are unique in that they are formed by living organisms. They can be white or a range of other colors.

These and various other semi-precious gemstones can make your necklace vibrant, unique, and timeless. They can add elegance in more ways than precious gemstones alone. However,  they can complement or contrast with some of the most valuable gems on the market.

Should I Choose a Precious or Semi-Precious Gemstone Necklace?

There are no limitations as to how you decorate a necklace. You can add any gemstone you like and necklaces come in practically an infinite number of variations. Many have the common gems mentioned above but others include some of the world’s rarest gemstones like benitoite, black opal, Kashmir sapphire, red beryl, and even natural pearls (those that are not cultured). But if you’re the type that loves a shimmering diamond or bright red ruby, there are plenty of options to pick from.

Shop for Gemstone Necklaces at Jeweler’s Touch

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