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How to Choose the Best Metal for a Men's Wedding Band

How to Choose the Best Metal for a Men's Wedding Band

Choosing the best metal for a men’s wedding band can be challenging. You’ve decided to spend your life with someone; now it’s time to find a wedding band that represents your commitment and suits your personality and lifestyle. Whether you prefer precious metals or like the idea of mixed metals, Jeweler’s Touch has many options to pick from. 

In this guide, we’ll cover key considerations for choosing the right metal and look at your options when shopping for popular men’s wedding rings and bands.

How to Choose the Right Metal

The right metal depends on what’s best suited for you. There’s no correct answer. However, here are some of the top considerations when selecting a metal for a men’s wedding band:

  • Durability: The material should be scratch-resistant. Therefore, it’ll last many years, and hopefully for the rest of your life with your partner.
  • Lifestyle: Whether you work in an office or as a mechanic or construction worker, it can impact your decision; working with your hands requires a harder metal.
  • Maintenance: Depending on the metal, you may have to clean and polish it more frequently. Professional cleanings can cost money over time. However, at Jeweler’s Touch, the ring cleanings are always complimentary, whether or not you purchased the ring from us. 
  • Comfort: Some materials are heavier and less comfortable than others. Consider the weight of the band when comparing your options.
  • Budget: Determine what you can afford before shopping. Precious metals and other metal options are available, so men’s wedding bands come in all price ranges.

Popular Metals for Men’s Wedding Bands

Precious metals are the most commonly used materials for wedding bands. Here’s a look at these and alternatives with the benefits of each, so you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you:


Traditionally, gold is the most popular choice for wedding bands. It doesn’t go out of style and there are a few options to choose from. Pure gold is the most valuable but is soft and easily scratched and bent; it can be damaged quite easily. In general, gold jewelry is easy to resize, is available in different finishes, and maintains its value.

Yellow Gold Wedding Band | Jeweler's Touch

Gold is often mixed with alloy metals to increase strength and durability (24-karat (K) gold is pure, while 10K, 14K, and 18K gold is more common). Your options include yellow gold which is a mixture of zinc and copper. However, white gold rings have nickel and zinc, plus rhodium plating, which gives them a silvery-white sheen. Rose gold mixes pure gold and copper to create a signature pinkish hue.
White Gold Wedding Band | Jeweler's Touch

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is the least expensive precious metal and is hypoallergenic. A silver band can be polished to create a shiny finish, or a matt finish can be selected. Combining pure silver and another metal, such as copper, sterling silver is more durable than pure silver. However, it can tarnish over time, so it needs regular cleaning and polishing.


If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic men's wedding band, platinum is a popular choice. It’s strong and tarnish- and wear-resistant. Platinum is hard enough to use in heavy machinery, so you can expect it to last. Desired for its natural silvery gray color, it’s one of the rarest metals and can be expensive since it’s often used in pure form. It won’t fade or change color over time.

Alternative Metals

Precious metals aren’t the only options for men’s wedding bands. There are several other durable, affordable, and hypoallergenic materials, including:


Titanium is strong, lightweight, inexpensive, and naturally hypoallergenic. Similar in color to silver, it’s a deeper gray (but can be black). A natural satin finish adds to titanium’s durability and scratch resistance. This metal is considerably light and suited for someone who works with their hands. However, titanium wedding bands are difficult to resize due to their high strength, and resizing them is usually not recommended.

Titanium Wedding Band | Jeweler's Touch

Tungsten Carbide

Four times stronger than titanium, tungsten carbide is one of the hardest metals (it’s virtually indestructible). It yields sleek, modern wedding bands and comes in a wide range of colors. While you can’t resize a tungsten carbide ring, it’s very affordable, difficult to damage, and low maintenance. It also won’t tarnish or become dull over time.

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band | Jeweler's Touch

Carbon Fiber

Forged carbon fiber provides a stylish and modern look. It’s also hypoallergenic and has no trace elements. Made of a combination of twisted thin fibers woven into a fabric, carbon fiber wedding bands are lightweight and easy to maintain. However, they contain some nickel, so they aren’t suited for wearers with metal allergies. 

Carbon Fiber Wedding Band | Jeweler's Touch

Damascus Steel

Strong and lightweight, Damascus steel features a wave-like design and is made by heating different metals and folding and twisting them into layers. The result is unique patterns and eye-catching designs.

Damascus Steel Men's Wedding Band | Jeweler's Touch

Men’s wedding bands with a cobalt chrome alloy are naturally white and scratch-resistant. They’re also hypoallergenic. While a cobalt ring looks like platinum, it’s a bit heavier. It’s extremely durable, so it is suited for everyday wear.

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band | Jeweler's Touch

Shop for Men’s Wedding Bands at Jeweler’s Touch

If you’re looking for a gold, silver, platinum, or alternative metal wedding band, we have hundreds to choose from. Our inventory includes men’s wedding bands studded with diamonds or featuring eye-catching patterns, colors, and textures. Some of our stylish modern bands mix metals or have unique etchings and engravings. Browse our website to start shopping or call (714) 579-1616 for assistance from our friendly jewelry professionals.

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