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Top Summer Jewelry Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Top Summer Jewelry Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

It’s time to say goodbye to those winter outfits (for now) and think about your summer wardrobe. The latest summer jewelry trends for 2022 are getting into full swing, and Jeweler’s Touch has the latest trends in jewelry fashion to think about as you create that perfect look.

Body Jewelry Is In

The current trends include many options to accessorize. As the final touch to your outfit, body jewelry allows you to add sparkle to a bikini or other beachwear. Some of your options include:

  • Cuffs: There’s no limit to the style and design of body cuffs, which can be worn on the lower or upper arm (or both) and with casual wear or a summer dress. Cuffs are creative and there is pretty much something for everyone.

  • Body Chains: Wear them like a low-hanging necklace, around near the waistline as a belly chain, or let them flow down your natural contours. And about necklaces; statement necklaces have no limits in possibilities, while medallion necklaces let you explore virtually any theme. 
  • Layered Necklaces: Open-necked fashions give you a chance to accessorize with necklaces. Layering up lets you be playful and creative; trending now is the inclusion of multi-color beads and stones, which help capture the spirit of summer.


Does gold ever really go out of style? It’s great for casual accessories. Gold pieces like chain-link, herringbone, or braided necklaces add style whether you dress up or choose to go casual with jeans and a T-shirt. Gold earrings and gold cuff bracelets are in. Combine different pieces if you wish, and add some color with gems and colored strands!


Silver is edgy and you’ll find silver statement pieces, necklaces, and earrings. It’s suited for practically any type of jewelry and accessory. Plus, silver can spice up just about any look. And no matter what your metal of choice is, don’t be afraid to link up. Chains are totally in style.


There’s no doubt color is in, whether you focus on or combine gold, silver, or every color of the rainbow. It’s not only about bling. You can also be proud of your look with enamel. It can add coolness to your jewelry and can coordinate with other pieces. There’s nothing wrong with accessorizing with more, but keep it somewhat casual. Additionally, there’s always turquoise, which always seems to find its place!


Your connection with the sea can be well-stated with a pearl or pearlescent bracelet, necklace, or set of earrings. Pearl goes great with summer shades of white. There’s no standard when it comes to the type of outfit you want to wear with it. Pearl works with practically anything.

Start Your Summer Shopping with Jeweler’s Touch 

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