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How Do I Shop for Bridal Jewelry?

How Do I Shop for Bridal Jewelry?

You’ve finally found the right dress, but it’s time to accessorize! The right jewelry, whether glamorous or subtle, will complete your bridal look. But it can be easy to overdo it if you’re not careful. Here’s how to choose bridal jewelry that helps you look your best on that special day.

Know What Makes You Comfortable and Confident 

Start by thinking about what you’re most comfortable wearing. For example, if you never wear earrings or bracelets, breaking out more dazzle just for one day can make you feel awkward. If you are accustomed to wearing stud earrings, then try a multi-stone, formal set of earrings, while bracelet wearers may want to try a layered approach of sparkling diamond bracelets. Prioritize what makes you feel confident; try to find meaning rather than follow someone else’s direction.

Match Your Dress 

Always consider how your bridal jewelry will complement your wedding dress. One way to do this is to match a necklace with the neckline. Shorter necklaces and chokers go with strapless necklines, while simpler necklaces as well as earrings and bracelets are suited for sweetheart necklines. For dresses with high necklines and halter-style wedding dresses, you may want to stick to a shimmering set of earrings and sparkling bracelets instead of a necklace. A dress with a V-neck can be complemented by a drop necklace, or not; let your neckline show and opt for a beautiful set of statement earrings.

Consider the color of your gown as well. White dresses are best complemented by platinum or silver, while ivory gowns look best with gold jewelry. The warm tones of champagne colored gowns go well with gold jewelry or burnished silver with rhinestones. For a blush gown, the pink of rose gold blends in with the dress’s soft texture.

Metals Don’t Have to Match

The jewelry you wear to your wedding does not have to match your engagement ring and wedding band. Your ring and diamond earrings don’t have to be of the same cut. You can also mix metals such as platinum and gold. After all, you probably won’t wear everything together again. And since your engagement ring/wedding band are intended to be worn every day, they should already reflect your personal style. 

Wedding Hairstyle

If wearing your hair up, statement earrings are a good addition. You can opt for studs, drop earrings, or something delicate. Even match them with hair jewelry. But if your hairpiece is bolder, use more subdued jewelry or your look may seem overdone. 

Wearing your hair down on a wedding day can be romantic. Larger earrings tend to be hidden in this case, so try delicate diamond studs. But this doesn’t have to stop you from wearing larger earrings; just consider the style so they are visible. Longer ones will shine through your long, flowing hair.

Plan on Switching Things Up

Choose certain jewelry for the ceremony, but that doesn’t have to be your choice for the reception. Flashy earrings, for example, can overshadow a statement veil. Bracelets with a delicate gown topper can seem out of place. But you can add these accessories later with a different look for your reception.

Go with the Trends

If you are not into traditional, don’t be afraid to express your creativity or sentimental side. Just be you. Go with the uniqueness of a local designer or refurbish heirloom jewelry. However, classic diamond or pearl jewelry is always in style. Floral elements, a focal point of sparkle and glam (but not overdone), and metals with textured, braided, or woven elements are not only trendy, but also allow for a bit more personalization.

Shop at Jeweler’s Touch

At Jeweler’s Touch, we provide a wide range of bridal jewelry, including engagement rings and wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. Many choices are available in the leading collections in our inventory. We also custom design jewelry for our clients. From appraisals to repairs, we’re here to meet your needs, and an array of educational resources are available to help you make important decisions. If you need assistance, make an appointment online or call (714) 579-1616 today

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