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How to Incorporate Charms into Your Custom Jewelry Ideas

How to Incorporate Charms into Your Custom Jewelry Ideas

At Jeweler’s Touch, we offer many fashionable and creative charms to customize bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry. A charm is similar to a pendant but is more commonly worn on a bracelet or anklet. It can also be incorporated into a necklace. We’ll look at a few ways to incorporate stylish charms into your custom jewelry ideas.

Create a Charm Bracelet

Whether you use pearls, shells, or sparkling gemstones, you can create a timeless bracelet. Charm bracelets have been fashionable since the 1800s and have been a jewelry staple  for centuries. You can complement a classic gold or silver design or match your favorite charm with stainless steel. Attach the charms using the threads of your bracelet. If you have a chain bracelet, secure them with silver jump rings.

Create a Charm Necklace

Incorporating a charm into a necklace can be accomplished in a few ways. One of the simplest methods is to tie a bow to secure the charm. You can also add a silver trigger clasp or attach tapered bails to your charms, allowing a chain to be threaded through. Close the bail to secure the charm. For a thicker chain, you can leave the bail open and attach it to a link on the chain. Some charms are fit with links or lobster clasps to easily incorporate them into your custom jewelry ideas.

How to Attach a Charm

You usually don’t need a jeweler to attach a charm to a necklace. The charm usually slides onto the chain. If you use a jump ring, make sure it’s secure. Some people attach a charm using a soldering iron, but this is usually not necessary. Simply pull the jump ring open and attach it to the bracelet or necklace and then push it closed.

Using these methods, it’s not hard to decorate your custom jewelry with charms. Or, you can have your jeweler do it for you.

Charms Aren’t Just for Jewelry

You can shape your personal style in many ways. Whether looking to complement your jewelry or be creative with everyday items, here are other places you can incorporate charms:

  • Keyring: Find a silver charm that fits through a standard keyring. It’s the quickest way to make your keys fun and not just an obligation to carry around.
  • Zipper Pull: Why not decorate the zipper on your sweater or jacket? It will be visible and can help you stand out.
  • Phone Case: You can add charms to a phone case by threading a string through the casing or using a lanyard. Some charms connect via a phone connector or plug that fits in the jack port. If your phone has a loophole, you’re in luck. The choices for decorating your phone are endless.


Charms can also be added to bookmarks, bags, cushions, and hair bows. They work as wedding favors too. You can attach them to a flower bouquet or plate setting, scatter charms across tables, or even hand them to guests as keepsakes. If you have a scrapbook, you can decorate it with charms and pendants.

How to Choose Charms for Your Jewelry

How you customize your jewelry is up to you. Depending on the culture, a charm can be a symbol of luck, fortune, or protection. While many people still believe in good luck charms, most focus on the enjoyment of wearing them. You can pick a charm of your favorite animated character, symbol, or shape. It’s up to you to figure out the style and meaning.

Shop for Gold and Silver Charms at Jeweler’s Touch

Our vast collection of gold and silver pendants and charms can help bring your most vivid custom jewelry ideas to life. We have charms representing initials, keys, crosses, symbols, musical instruments, and much more. Place your order directly on our website or contact us for help with custom jewelry design and production. For more information or assistance, call 714-579-1616.

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