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Which ankle to wear an ankle bracelet on

Which Ankle to Wear an Ankle Bracelet On

An anklet is a bracelet that fits around the ankle. It’s one of the oldest types of jewelry and comes in a limitless range of designs. Whether you prefer a simple, thin chain with a single ornament or a bold, flashy ankle bracelet, you can find one that matches your style

Not everyone is familiar with the idea, even though bracelets have been worn on ankles for thousands of years. We’ll look at how to wear them, what they can symbolize, and if you should wear an anklet on the right ankle or left ankle.

Are Ankle Bracelets in Style?

You can wear an anklet for a casual outing or special occasion. It can be worn whenever or wherever you want. Simple pieces are great for a summer afternoon, but women’s gold anklets can catch attention at a party or formal event. The trends come and go, but ankle bracelets are always in style. Simple and delicate anklets are timeless, so that’s an idea if you’re looking to play it safe.

Where Do Ankle Bracelets Come From?

Anklets have been found in ancient Sumerian tombs dating back more than 4,500 years. They were made from common and precious stones and metals. Other artifacts containing ankle bracelets date back even further. Excavations that date back to ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Mesopotamia have revealed their cultural popularity. In East Asia, pattilu bracelets connected to a toe ring by a chain were common. In South Asia and India, people were wearing anklets as long as 8,000 years ago!   

What Do Ankle Bracelets Symbolize?

In ancient India, anklets were a symbol of marriage. They were worn with charms, so men would hear women approaching and know to be respectful. Gold and silver ankle bracelets were worn by wives of wealthy men. 

The traditional use of ankle bracelets was for a groom to provide one to a bride. Symbols of love and the intent of marriage, such jewelry had other meanings as well, depending on the culture. In many countries, people wear these bracelets as a sign of luck.

How to Wear an Anklet?

Try to match the design of the jewelry with the occasion. For example, choose something with silver, diamonds, or anything sparkly if the occasion is festive. The piece will stand out with a dress and heels. Meanwhile, a simple chain or beaded anklet is suited for casual days when you wear shorts, cropped jeans, or a skirt.

Gold ankle bracelet

Anklets generally aren’t suited for an office setting. But the exception is dainty gold or silver pieces. If you like ankle bracelets with chimes, avoid wearing them in quiet settings like a library or church. However, any anklet is great to wear when meeting friends or going to the beach, a pool, or a festival.

Open hearts anklet

If you have a sterling silver ankle bracelet, it will go great with jeans, a skirt, or denim shorts. You can top your outfit with a T-shirt or white blouse. But if you’re going for a more glamorous look with precious gemstones, golden anklets with a singular chain or stacked chains can create the perfect finishing touch.

Wearing an Anklet on Your Right Ankle

Depending on your culture and where you live, wearing an anklet on your right ankle can mean you’re:

  • In an exclusive, happy relationship
  • Not open to being approached intimately
  • Searching for a romantic partner but just to have fun
  • Married but intent on finding another partner

Wearing an Anklet on Your Left Ankle

An anklet worn on the left ankle can serve as a:

  • Promise ring, as in Hindu culture
  • Defense against danger
  • Symbol you’re single and available
  • Sign you’re interested in dating (a heart-shaped charm)
  • Signal a woman is interested in other women

The True Meaning of Your Anklets

Talk about mixed signals! As you can see, ankle bracelets can have many meanings, but you don’t have to worry about them. In modern society, it doesn’t matter which ankle you wear an ankle bracelet on, as it’s more of a fashion statement than a symbol of marriage or social status. 

Some people choose to wear anklets on both ankles, which should be avoided unless you want to look luxurious or take a bolder spin on accessorizing. Gold, silver, and even leather anklets can be worn without invoking meaning; just make sure to match them with your outfit. Nonetheless, people do wear anklets with gendered symbols and charms to communicate whether they’re interested in romance.

However, if you’re not looking to send signals and simply want to complement your outfit, that’s just fine!

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