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Which Ankle to Wear an Ankle Bracelet On

Which Ankle to Wear an Ankle Bracelet On

Which Ankle to Wear an Ankle Bracelet On

Many individuals choose to wear a bracelet that dangles from the ankle. Otherwise known as an anklet, it is one of the oldest types of jewelry. It’s usually a skinny chain and may feature a single ornamental charm or pendant, but the designs are practically limitless. For those new to the idea, the meaning or symbolism of an ankle bracelet may be unfamiliar. We’ll explain below, including which ankle to wear an ankle bracelet on.

Where Do Ankle Bracelets Come From?

Artifacts prove ankle bracelets have been worn as far back as 6,000 B.C. They’ve been discovered in excavations dating back to ancient Babylon, Mesopotamia, and Egypt and worn by women in South Asia and India as long as 8,000 years ago. In India, Payal ankle bracelets were given to newlyweds. In East Asia, females wore pattilu bracelets attached by a chain to a toe ring.

What Do Ankle Bracelets Symbolize?

Traditionally, a groom provided an anklet to the bride. It symbolized love, a desire to be a legal husband, and that a woman was married. But anklets do have different symbolic meanings depending on the culture. In the traditional sense, it was custom to wear jewelry on the left ankle; worn on the right, the anklet would send the wrong message. In many countries, wearing an ankle bracelet is a sign of luck.

Which Ankle Should I Wear My Anklet On?

In the modern day, anklets worn in Western countries are mainly seen as outfit accessories. Women may wear them when going out with friends, to a special occasion, on vacation, or to the beach. There usually isn’t any cultural significance, which simplifies matters because it can vary depending on color, design, and style. 

If you’re doing so casually, you need not worry much about which ankle to wear an ankle bracelet on. The main concern is wearing them where the noise they can make would be distracting. You also shouldn’t wear the bracelet over clothing or in a work/business setting. Nevertheless, if you’re motivated to convey meaning, you can use the following guidelines:

  • Wearing an Anklet on Your Right Ankle: Some believe this signifies the wearer is in an exclusive, happy relationship and doesn’t want to be approached by others intimately. It could also mean one is searching for a romantic partner but someone just to have fun with. If they’re married, it might signal their intent to cheat on their spouse or otherwise mingle with another partner. 

  • Wearing an Anklet on Your Left Ankle: In Hindu culture, an anklet on the left ankle serves as a type of promise ring. Others believe it protects from danger. But it can also mean you’re single and available. A heart-shaped charm can mean one is interested in dating. Or, wearing a bracelet on the left ankle can signal a woman's interest in other women. 

As you can see, there are overlaps and differences in the meanings of anklets and how they’re worn. Fortunately for the modern woman, an anklet is usually an accessory that does not have intrinsic meaning. You can wear an ankle bracelet on the right, left, or both ankles; mix or match; or even stack them. 

The Effect of Metals and Charms on Anklet Meaning

A gold anklet can still reflect the impression it gave in earlier societies, as it can indicate wealth and high social status. Silver would be a sort of second-tier and after that copper-colored metals. While today you can choose any metal you prefer and can afford, there are other materials. Leather anklets were worn by the poor in Egypt, but today can be fashionable if properly matched. Wearers may use gendered symbols and charms to relay whether they’re interested in romantic relationships or not (especially when combined with a feather).

But if you’re not looking to send signals, that is perfectly fine. Lots of people now wear ankle bracelets just for fun or to complement their outfits. It’s unlikely anyone is going to second-guess your intention or motive.

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