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The Process of Creating Custom Jewelry in Orange County

The Process of Creating Custom Jewelry in Orange County

At Jeweler’s Touch, we are renowned for our custom jewelry design services in California. The opportunity to obtain custom jewelry in Orange County puts you in the driver’s seat. You can select the style, materials, and gemstones while applying your creativity. But customizing jewelry may seem more daunting than looking through a catalog. To take the confusion out of the equation, we’ll now explore the process of creating customized jewelry.

Steps to Creating Custom Jewelry

  • Schedule a Consultation

  • To begin your journey, you must first book a consultation. Think of this as the start of a collaboration. You’ll have the opportunity to explain your vision so the jewelry designer knows what you want. Photographs, rough sketches, and detailed drawings can help them envision the final product. 

    Communication is key here. You don’t have to know everything you want; the designer will build on your concept and explain all your options. At the end of your consultation, we’ll sketch out your idea and provide a free quote.

  • Select a Stone for Your Ring

  • A diamond or other gemstone is the centerpiece of an engagement ring, and often for other types of jewelry. Are you looking for an exquisite diamond, a birthstone, or a gemstone you have a passion for? Perhaps your creativity is calling for a combination of sparkle and color. We’ll show you all the possibilities and options so you can pick one or more stones based on your preferences and budget.

  • Your Idea Is Modeled

  • In addition to a more detailed sketch, your jeweler may create a 3D rendering of the final product. You’ll get to see it in fine detail. A 3D CAD image is often ready within a couple of days after you approve the quote and choose to move forward. It shows each stone and feature in precise detail and you can request minor adjustments to the design. After you approve the design, it is transformed into a 3D wax model using a hi-tech 3D printer. You can even try it on!

  • Your Idea Goes to Production

  • Your design ideas and our engineering data go into machining the item represented by the 3D rendering and wax model. The real thing will be smaller than the CAD model but feature all the details you chose during the design stage. Your jeweler will work tirelessly to ensure the piece meets your expectations. The metal will be polished and textured and each stone will be precisely set. 

    At Jeweler’s Touch, it takes about two weeks to complete a custom-designed piece of jewelry; this means you’ll have the finished product about a month after your initial consultation. It will be inspected for quality assurance. Once you get to see it, we’ll explain how to care for and clean your jewelry and even appraise it for insurance purposes.

    As you can see, customizing jewelry can be quite a simple and stress-free process.

    Request Custom Jewelry in Orange County

    Jeweler’s Touch is committed to turning your dream into a reality. The latest technologies and experienced professionals enable us to create unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry. Flexible pricing and financing options help make custom jewelry more affordable. To get started, send us your project details or schedule an appointment for your free consultation today. Continue browsing to learn more about our custom jewelry design process, or call (714) 579-1616 if you have any questions.

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