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5 Benefits of Customized Jewelry

5 Benefits of Customized Jewelry

No matter what type of jewelry you’re buying or what occasion it’s for, it can be customized. That includes wedding rings, a pair of earrings, or a necklace. Customized jewelry has become increasingly popular for many good reasons. We’ll explore some of the benefits of having your jewelry customized by a local expert jeweler.

  • It’s Tailored to Your Wants and Needs

  • A custom piece of jewelry can represent your style and personality. It can reflect specific ideas and characteristics, thereby becoming a work of art. Whether it’s for a specific occasion, everyday use, or to be passed on for generations, the item can have even more emotional and sentimental value than a generic item. This value is created through a meaningful design and the materials and stones that you most prefer.

  • Your Jewelry Is Completely Unique

  • Working with a jeweler allows you to create, for example, an engagement ring that is like none other in existence. You’re not just shopping for the perfect item. You are engaged in a process of creativity and not limited to the options in a finite catalog. It’s possible to choose from different metals, settings, and gems and provide your concept of how you want your jewelry to be designed.

  • Customized Jewelry Gives You More Value for the Money

  • Name-brand jewelry often leaves you paying for the name on the label. With customized jewelry, there’s no middleman and it is not mass-produced. You get a one-of-a-kind piece, which means more value for your money. The jeweler puts in a great deal of effort to ensure the item meets your expectations. A direct collaboration means your input is valued as well; all the while, there’s never a compromise on quality.

  • A Higher Level of Customer Service

  • Instead of picking and choosing a ring from a display or list, you’ll work one-on-one with the jeweler. They will help you make every decision. Meanwhile, they won’t move forward with production unless they have your approval. It’s a full collaboration and you’ll see sketches and renderings of your ideas before the jeweler brings the concept to life.

  • Customized Jewelry Can Be Perfect

  • Shopping for new jewelry can be frustrating because one item may have the perfect setting, while another has a better combination of colors. Finding the perfect one that checks every box may be nearly impossible. But not with a custom item. You can choose the metal, setting, gem, and other features that you want. 

    Browse our in-store or online inventory or draw out your ideas. We’ll work with you to find designs that you like or customize a unique item that brings your vision to life. Our jeweler will work tirelessly to get it just right. Therefore, you can expect the highest quality results down to the very last detail.

    Request Customized Jewelry from Jeweler’s Touch 

    Jeweler’s Touch provides custom design services for customers in the Los Angeles area. Our certified professionals walk you through the entire process when you visit our Brea store. During a free consultation, you can share your ideas with us; we’ll even provide a free quote. The latest design tools, including 3D CAD software, are used to build every detail; upon your approval, we’ll craft a wax or resin prototype you can try on. This takes about a week and once you approve the design, we can complete your custom piece of jewelry in two weeks.

    If you’re looking for customized jewelry, contact Jeweler’s Touch to start a project and describe what you want us to create. For more information, call 714-579-1616 today.

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