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How to Choose a Bridal Necklace for a V-Neck Wedding Dress

How to Choose a Bridal Necklace for a V-Neck Wedding Dress

A necklace may seem like a small detail, but it can make or break your wedding look. The right bridal necklace can enhance the impact of a V-neck wedding dress, which is striking and sensual in its own right. Creating a cohesive look for the occasion is often a challenge. But putting a little effort into your decisions can be rewarding. Here’s a look at choosing the right bridal necklace for a V-neck wedding dress.

Why Wear a V-Neck Wedding Dress?

Wearing a V-neck style dress elongates the neckline. It suits many different body types as it emphasizes curves while slimming one’s figure. While finding the perfect dress for your wedding is a tall task, your quest for the right look doesn’t end there. A necklace is an accessory that is the transition between body and dress. It’s therefore important to consider your options carefully.

Tips on Wearing a Bridal Necklace for a V-Neck Wedding Dress

When choosing a bridal necklace, consider the following:

Don’t Choose Too Bulky a Necklace

If the necklace is too bulky, it can overwhelm the neckline of the dress. It should lie flat against the chest.

A Delicate Necklace May Be Overlooked

Too small a bridal necklace defeats the purpose of wearing one. However, you can make a minimalist style work by choosing a multi-layered necklace.

The Length of the Necklace Matters

The right length will allow the necklace to compliment the dress’s neckline. When choosing a necklace, prioritize symmetry. Also, the space between the collar and neckline should be about 1 inch; the necklace should not touch the edge of the dress.

Consider the Type of Wedding Dress

Shallow V-neck dresses are timeless. For these, a short necklace with a small pendant (including a diamond pendant) highlights the neckline while accentuating the cleavage. Heart pendants and teardrop pendants can do the trick as well.
Mimicking the shape of the dress is a great way to highlight its beauty. For deep V-neck dresses, a longer necklace should be used to follow the shape of the neckline. The necklace can be proportionate to the neckline’s depth. It can exceed it as well. You can even accentuate the neck with a collar or choker.

Other Bridal Necklace Ideas for V-Neck Dresses

You can complement a V-neck wedding dress with necklace options such as:
  • Lariat/Y Necklaces:A lariat necklace is known for its elongated Y shape. It’s often decorated with a string of beads, tassel, or bar. This overall shape mirrors the neckline to create a taller, leaner impression.
  • Stones, Charms, and Gems:A single pendant hanging from the middle of a delicate bridal necklace mimics the neckline shape and can pronounce the “V” shape even more. It’s a good way to add sparkle as well as show off your individual style.
  • Multi-Stone Necklaces:Why settle for just one pendant or decoration when you have more to say? There’s no rule you can’t select an array of diamonds, stones, and pearls to create a vibrant bridal necklace that doesn’t overpower a V-neck dress. On the contrary, it can enhance your overall look.

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