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Traits to Look for in Reputable Custom Jewelry Designers

Traits to Look for in Reputable Custom Jewelry Designers

Is wearing jewelry a part of your persona? Do you prefer jewelry customized to your style and personality? If your answer is yes, then custom jewelry designers can craft an item to your needs. But with so many jewelers to choose from in Orange County, where do you start? We’ll explain some traits to look for in a reputable designer whether you’re seeking a unique engagement ring, a custom-sized necklace chain, or an engraved pendant.

Finding the Right Custom Jewelry Company

Finding a reputable jewelry seller can be daunting enough. But finding a custom jewelry designer doesn’t have to be difficult. Use the following traits to compare jewelers and narrow down your choices:

Positive Reviews

Jewelry is an investment you’ll treasure for many years. Therefore, any jeweler you work with must be reliable and trustworthy. Positive reviews should point out the quality of their jewelry, its originality, and the quality of service. Does the provider respond to customers quickly and help them understand their options? Check reviews online and in your community via local publications or the recommendations of neighbors, friends, family members, or colleagues.

Membership with a Professional Organization

Look for jewelry stores affiliated with professional organizations like Jewelers of America, the American Gem Society, or the Gemological Institute of America. Also, be sure to check that the company’s jewelers and sales representatives are accredited professionals.

The Jeweler’s Skillset

A custom jewelry designer’s professionalism and expertise are demonstrated via traits such as:

  • Technical Knowledge: A reliable jeweler should be knowledgeable in a wide range of metals, gemstones, and techniques such as 3D design, casting, stone setting, and engraving.
  • Detail-Oriented: Your jeweler should be attentive to the finest details to craft a custom piece perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Specialties: Does the jeweler specialize in stone settings, a certain artistic design, or a particular type of jewelry making? Inquire about their specialties in person or on the phone.
  • Resourceful: An inventive jeweler can expand upon your idea, introduce new ones, and take a creative approach when designing and crafting the final product.
  • Quality Guarantee: Quality assurance ensures the jeweler is willing to stand by its creations and is confident it can deliver a high-quality, unique product.

Willingness to Share Information

A jewelry designer should give clear answers and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. Walk away if they give vague answers. They should also be open to sharing examples of their past work. Ask to see relevant samples if their website or social media account doesn’t show something of interest. Visit the jeweler to see what’s on display or try on a piece of jewelry that’s similar to your vision.

Expand your inquiries once you’ve seen their work. Ask about their jewelry-making process and how each step impacts the finished product. Look for consistency in the design and style of the samples shown. If these don’t match your style, ask to see more of what designs the company specializes in, or continue searching for a different custom jewelry designer.

Repair and After Care Services

Look for a reputable jeweler who can repair damaged jewelry. An item can be damaged during shipping or with normal use. The jeweler should also be able to resize a ring, reset a gemstone, or refurbish a ring if necessary. Ask if they offer jewelry appraisal so you can insure the item and be protected in case of loss or theft.

Jeweler’s Touch: Orange County’s Leading Custom Jewelry Designer

A family-owned and operated jeweler in Brea, Jeweler’s Touch has a reputation for high-quality products and customer care. We specialize in crafting custom-designed jewelry. Our team uses the latest 3D CAD technology and will work with and build on your ideas. During your free consultation, we’ll answer your questions and explain all the options so you can make informed decisions. We’ll create a full sketch, render your idea in 3D, and build a prototype you can try on. Once you approve it, we’ll create the finished product.

To start a project, send us your ideas or call (714) 579-1616 today.

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