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Diamond loose in setting

Why Is My Diamond Loose in Its Setting and How Do I Fix It?

If you have a sentimental piece of inherited jewelry or simply enjoy wearing precious gems, you’ve likely experienced the frightening feeling of discovering a diamond loose in its setting — or worse, a blank space where the gem used to be. 

Contact Jeweler’s Touch for help if you notice a loose diamond in your ring. Our expert jewelers and goldsmiths do on-site jewelry repairs and are proud to offer all clients free inspections of their cherished items.

The following article explores the reasons why diamonds become loose in jewelry and what you can do to prevent it. 

Why Diamonds Become Loose in Settings

The following are some of the most common causes of loose diamonds:

  • The stone wasn’t set properly when the piece was made.
  • The setting style or material isn’t durable enough to stand the test of time.
  • Wear and tear, with regular life events causing bumping and pulling at prongs over time.  
  • Hitting a hard surface with your ring finger.
  • Wearing the ring while working with your hands. 
  • Pressing on the stones when you pull the ring on and off. 

Rings with more complex settings, like those with gemstones all around the band, likely require more maintenance than a simpler design. It’s normal for a diamond to shift in its setting over time. If your diamond feels loose, get it to a professional jeweler quickly to avoid losing the stone. 

Signs That Your Diamond May Be Loose

The following are some common signs of a loose diamond setting:

  • You hear a rattling sound when you shake the ring near your ear.
  • The diamond makes noise if you tap it with a pin or your fingernail.
  • The diamond moves or twists around in the setting.

If you’re unsure, bring your ring to your local jeweler for confirmation. A professional can tell you whether you need an adjustment and offer a quote for their services. 

Never try to fix your ring by yourself. A professional has access to fine tools and magnifying equipment to do it correctly. Jewelry repair is a delicate business requiring much finesse and care. 

Jeweler’s Touch provides free assessments and cleanings. Drop by at your convenience and we’ll be happy to take a look at your ring setting free of charge.

Risks of Ignoring a Loose Diamond in Your Setting

If you notice a loose diamond in your ring setting, have it fixed as soon as possible. Then take the ring off and store it somewhere safe until you can bring it to your local jeweler. 

If you don’t have your loose diamond looked at by a professional jeweler, you risk a compromised setting that may result in the diamond falling out. You could lose an expensive, precious gem or damage the prongs, which requires a more expensive fix. 

These scenarios are avoidable. If you notice a diamond is loose in your ring, stop by your local jeweler and have them take a look. Jeweler’s Touch offers Orange County residents complimentary jewelry inspections. We’ll handle your precious jewelry with the care it deserves.

How To Fix a Diamond That Moves in Setting

If there’s a diamond loose in your ring, it’s best not to try to repair it yourself. Even with the quick tricks from do-it-yourselfers online, you risk ruining a beautiful piece of jewelry if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The most likely cause of a lost diamond is a broken or loose prong, the thin metal piece that holds the stone in place and protects it from damage. Have a professional inspect your ring and tighten the loose prongs to ensure it’s done right. 

Contact Jeweler's Touch if your ring has a loose diamond that moves in the setting. We have seven expert jewelers and goldsmiths on staff, and you can trust us to fully repair and restore your cherished item. Most repairs are completed within three to five days (or same-day for a small extra fee).

How To Keep Your Diamond Secure in Its Setting

Most jewelry is sturdy, but you may notice a diamond becomes loose in its prongs over time, especially when you wear it often. Consider bringing your ring in for an occasional “tune-up” to keep the diamond secure. Experts recommend having your favorite pieces examined once a year to tighten loose prongs and ensure the setting is in good condition. 

If possible, avoid DIY-ing your jewelry repair. Some gems require special protective settings, while others are too fragile to bend or manipulate without proper tools. 

A professional jeweler can help ensure the following:

Your diamond doesn't get lost

If your diamond moves in its setting, it’s only a matter of time until you notice it’s gone. Having the setting tightened by a professional keeps your precious stones in place. 

The setting is secure

If you try to DIY a ring fix, you may unintentionally damage tiny, fragile parts of the jewelry, making the diamond less secure than it might be if you brought it to a professional.

The setting remains attractive

A reputable jeweler knows how to keep your ring looking beautiful without damaging or breaking off fine metal. They may also offer a professional cleaning so it shines like new. 

Call Jeweler’s Touch 

Contact Jeweler’s Touch to repair a diamond loose in its setting and tighten loose prongs. Our family-owned and operated business has been operating in the OC since 1992. We’re experienced in all types of jewelry repair and fully trained in precision and care. We understand the strong significance of your cherished pieces.

To make an appointment, contact us on our handy website form, call us at (714) 868-7556, or visit our Brea, CA location and watch our expert goldsmiths at work through our 24-foot gallery window. Orange County customers can trust us and the care we put into our work. 

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