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Winter Engagement Trends

Winter Engagement Trends

Finding the right time to ask for a loved one’s hand in marriage is a tough decision. The freshness of spring and warmth of summer are often first on the list. But a winter proposal can be just as exciting. If the time is right and/or your partner appreciates keeping up with the trends, you might want to try a winter engagement.

Some trendy ideas for a winter engagement include:

Destination Proposals

Pick an unforgettable, breathtaking location. Whether you pull the ring out on a mountaintop or propose on the snowy streets of New York City, make it personal. You can even take a romantic stroll and write out your proposal in the snow! Or, line up some Christmas lights that pop your question (if there’s a good vantage point for her to see them).

Propose Outside

It may not be the warmest time of the year, but a cool, crisp day can be the right time to propose. Getting down on one knee as snowflakes are falling can be romantic. A horse drawn carriage ride can be the perfect mood-setter, especially if the snow is glistening and you’re surrounded by holiday lights. Even snuggle with your partner under a blanket and pop the question at the right moment.

Pick an Alternative to a Ring

Engagement rings seem to be the norm. However, many couples are taking a different approach and exchanging necklaces, bracelets, and even watches. After all, a unique and personal gift expresses what means most to your relationship. So, you don’t always have to go with a tradition that doesn’t necessarily represent what you and your loved one want most.

Winter Sports

Rather than let wintry weather keep you indoors, schedule an activity such as skiing or ice skating. A proposal on an ice rink can be as romantic as it gets. Glide together in joy at a small country rink or under the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. If you go on a skiing trip, pick a cozy lodge where you can find a secluded spot to pop the question.

New Year’s Proposal

New Year’s Eve is an exciting time to propose. Pop the question at the stroke of midnight or create a speech with your resolution and start the year off newly engaged. You can even propose out on the town, dressed up and surrounded by festivities. Even have someone snap a photo the moment you become engaged.

Engagement Ring Trends

There are many popular types of engagement rings and bands. Solitaire ring settings are in, while colored stones include diamonds with sapphires, emeralds, and other sparkling stones. Rings with red, green, black, blue, and other colors are popular. A stackable setting is a trend to consider, as is an engagement ring with a unique shape. Interlocking designs can even be paired with a wedding ring on the day of your nuptials.

Clustered settings with one stone surrounded by smaller stones represent another trend. You can also choose from pear cut diamonds or vintage-style rings. North-south vertical pointing stones, split-shank designs, and minimalist bands are trendy as well. And don’t forget the potential of custom-designed engagement rings for a completely unique concept.

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