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How to Get Your Partner's Ring Size

How to Get Your Partner's Ring Size

You want to propose, but don’t want to ruin the surprise. Directly asking your partner for their ring size can give it away. But there are a few ways you can find out while being discreet about it. If a surprise proposal is the approach you want to take, you can learn your partner’s ring size and order custom jewelry from the expert designers at Jewelers Touch.

Ask in a Subtle Way

If your partner has a relative with similarly sized hands, pretend you’re going to buy a ring for that person. Even ask your partner for their ring size after making your intentions known. If this conversation works, you can even buy an inexpensive ring, or even gift it to a relative such as your partner’s mom or sister to cover your tracks. Just make sure you have a positive relationship with that relative and there’s an occasion that would justify giving such a gift.

Ask One of Their Friends

A close friend might have the knowledge you need. Or, perhaps you can get the friend to ask your partner their ring size. You can also try convincing the friend to take your partner shopping for an engagement ring as a fun activity, which can include professional sizing. Their friend can then report back to you. But make sure they can keep a secret, or perhaps have some good acting skills.

Borrow a Ring They Have

If your partner has a stash of rings, use the evidence to obtain their ring size. However, tread carefully. If it’s an important ring, your efforts can have unintended consequences. So, be careful as to not betray your partner’s trust. Even find a ring they wear on a similar-sized finger, or a thumb ring, which can be used to approximate the size of their ring finger.

Sketch a Ring

Borrowing a ring comes with risks. Losing a ring would perhaps be the worst-case scenario. If you know where they store their rings and fear losing one, find an appropriate ring and place it on a piece of paper where you can draw an outline. Trace both the inside and outside of the ring. A jeweler can then measure the sketch to determine or estimate your partner’s ring size.

Make Comparisons

This could be a challenge although it’s doable. Your partner might take notice of your odd approach to holding hands, but you can try comparing finger sizes. For example, her ring finger might be similar in diameter to your pinky. This can provide some information despite its limited accuracy.

Be Straightforward

If you and your partner have been discussing marriage, finding out their ring size doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Just ask them what their ring size is. They still don’t know when you’re going to pop the question or how you’re going to. Asking upfront, therefore, doesn’t always ruin the surprise.

Visit Jeweler’s Touch

Conveniently located in Placentia, CA, we can provide ring sizing at our jewelry store and shop. The most accurate way to determine ring size is by using standard methods of measuring it. Our experienced jewelers can precisely approximate you and your partner’s ring size. We can also help choose stones and custom design your ring. In addition, financing options such as a 90-day layaway plan are available, or you can apply for an Iddeal credit card (we accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and personal checks as well). Contact us at 714-266-3703 for more details.

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