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Wrapped ever so lightly in the twists of last night’s sheets, he couldn’t help but abide by his body’s insatiable urge to stretch. The sun’s rays gleamed through the crack in the curtains, gently kissing her soft cheek. She looked so sweet and relaxed as she lay dreaming next to him. He couldn’t help but admire her beauty that even radiated as she slept. At that moment, Zach felt like the luckiest man in the world. He was overcome by the same proud feeling that filled him to the brim as they stood in front of their friends and family to say “I do” last year.

Jenny was perfect. She was the woman of his dreams, and he was so thankful for the courage to approach her the first night they met. He was new to Los Angeles, and she had lived there her whole life. In fact, he met her the very first week living on the west coast. He wouldn’t admit it, but they were the definition of love at first sight. His one friend had begged him to go out, even though he didn’t fancy the club scene. Ironically, Jenny was also out with friends, destined to dance the night away.

She had been in front of him in line for a drink. He hadn’t noticed her though, not until he saw her wallet fall from her purse. Quickly, he grabbed it and began searching for her through the crowd. He was certain she was gone, as he had never seen someone disappear so fast. Debating on turning the wallet into the bartender and hope that she'd eventually find it, that was until she suddenly walked past! He froze! He knew it was her immediately, even though he had only gotten a glimpse of her face before. She was gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. He had never seen someone as beautiful and radiant as her.

He walked up to her, gently tapping her on the shoulder. “Ma’am, I believe this is yours!” Her momentary look of shock was quickly replaced with a smirk as she replied playfully, “So pickpockets are now using chivalry to steal hearts I see.” Impressed with her wit, he shot back with a little sass of his own. “You make it so easy, it almost as though it fell out of your purse!” She undoubtedly found him entertaining as they bantered on satirically. “Well then, however, might I thank you, kind sir?” Zach was desperate to get to know this mysterious girl more and knew the best way to get the chance. “How about a simple ‘Why yes, Sir! You may buy me a drink?’” At that moment an unbreakable bond began to form.

Just as any couple does, they endured hard times and rough patches. Despite the inevitable disagreements and their knack for annoying each other, each day they fell a little deeper in love. After four years of dating, Zach knew it was time. Even though he had realized that Jenny was the one over a year and a half earlier, he knew the engagement had to be something spectacular. Something that defined their incomparable love, their passion, and undying urge to build each other up. Zach knew this moment had to be as perfect and unforgettable as the moment he first laid his unexpected eyes on Jenny.

Zach had been saving up for the past 612 days, and he hadn’t even looked into rings. Each paycheck he stashed away as much as he could month after month. He had been asking his buddies about the jewelry stores they recommend. The last thing he had to do was get coffee with Carol, Jenny’s best friend. Thrilled to hear that Zach was finally going to ask Jenny to marry him, Carol tipped I'm in on a little secret. A few months ago Jenny had mentioned that she had always wanted a simple, but a stunning diamond engagement ring. Zach as relieved that he now had a little direction to follow.

Walking in Zach had a rush of excitement flood his senses! The whole store, wall to wall, was lined with the most beautiful diamond rings. He felt a little overwhelmed until an in-house expert kindly assisted him. He was afraid he would feel pressured to buy a ring out of his price range but was happily surprised to learn that the diamond expert’s own engagement ring purchase fell into the same budget range as his. The guy was great; he even showed Zach some of the newer items they had gotten in that no customers had previously had a chance to buy yet. He wandered the store for almost an hour, carefully examining each diamond adorned band. Then he found it! He knew instinctively that this ring was the one, just has he knew Jenny was the one!

Her birthday was next week; he had arranged for her parents and younger brother to get reservations at the same restaurant as them. Moments after Jenny’s party of friends toasted to her birthday, Zach got down on one knee. Jenny was overjoyed, as she swooped down to him giving him a hug before he could get up. She was even more surprised to look up and she her family gleaming with the same excitement.

Last year they married on the beach overlooking the sun setting into the picturesque Pacific joined by a small gathering of family and friends. Today marked 365 days of pet names, sarcasm, rushed breakfasts, short texts, midnight embraces, bedtime kisses, and most importantly love. To Zach, this was more than he ever could have asked for. A lifetime of love with the woman of his dreams.

Slowly, but surely, Jenny opened her eyes. “You know I can feel you staring at me in my sleep, right?” Gazing lovingly at her, he replied “Sweet girl, how can my eyes rest, when your beauty never does?” She grabbed him by his shirt, desperately trying to draw him close. Zach slowly pulled away asking her to stay in bed for a moment, as he bolts out of the bedroom. Moments later returning with champagne, orange juice, and a delectable assortment of food. As she admired the spread, he sat behind her gently placing a stunning gold necklace around her neck. Without hesitation, she kissed him and pulled him close in an embrace.

Zach knew how much that first year of marriage meant to both of them. The struggles they endured, the love that they shared and the irreplaceable memories they made. He also knew exactly where he could find the perfect piece to express his feelings to Jenny, Jeweler’s Touch. The same place he discovers her brilliant engagement ring. For more stories from our customers or to learn more about the pieces that are carried in our store, please feel free to contact us today!

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