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benefits of lab created diamonds

benefits of lab created diamonds

You may feel ready to take your relationship to the next level. But can you afford it? Thanks to more affordable lab-created diamonds, the cost of a sparkling diamond does not have to hinder you and your partner’s growth. We’ll explain how with a look at the differences between lab-created vs. natural diamonds.

What Is a Lab-Created Diamond?

Diamonds are naturally created deep in the Earth, where temperature and pressure are extremely high. In these conditions, carbon atoms bond into a crystalline lattice structure. However, a diamond crystal grows in the same way whether it forms underground or in a lab.

In the lab, a diamond can be created using chemical vapor deposition, in which carbon atoms coalesce on a diamond seed in a vacuum chamber. Or, a high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) process may be used, in which a diamond seed is placed in pure carbon and then pressurized and heated.


The growing popularity of lab diamonds is much in part due to these benefits

  • They’re Identical to Natural Diamonds: Stones produced in a lab are physically identical to those that are mined (even our skilled gemologists need advanced machinery to tell them apart). The controlled environment they’re created in means lab-created diamonds tend to have fewer defects. Meanwhile, their brightness, whiteness, cut, carat, and clarity can be tailored to match any natural diamond you’ll find in our catalog.
  • Different Color Options: Clear, sparkling diamonds have traditionally been the most desirable. Nowadays, more brides seek a little color. In nature, colored diamonds are hard to come by; however, various techniques can be used to grow vibrantly colored stones. Examples of this diversity can be seen in Lab Grown Diamonds from Jeweler’s Touch.
  • Pricing Flexibility: You can find a high-quality lab-grown diamond at an affordable price. For a similar type of ring, you can spend significantly less on a man-made diamond (depending on various factors), which leaves room in your budget to level up on your purchase. For example, you can choose a larger or higher-quality stone, a precious metal base, or to have your ring custom designed.
  • Customizability: When a natural diamond is mined from the Earth, some impurities cannot be removed. However, a diamond grown in a lab can have the desired quality and properties. The producer has full control over all the attributes of the final product.
  • All Diamonds Are Equally Strong: There’s no compromise in strength, hardness, and durability. Lab-grown diamonds are as clear, brilliant, and strong as natural diamonds. You can cherish your diamond ring for many decades. Unlike other lab-made gemstones and diamond substitutes, our Lab Grown Diamonds resist wear and tear and can remain scratch-free
  • Diamonds Go With Every Outfit: You can wear lab-grown diamonds, just like natural ones, to a special occasion, business event, or casual outing. Diamonds are suited for everyday use. They are extremely versatile in style so whatever outfit you choose, jewelry with natural or lab-grown diamonds will do. Both are equally durable so will also stand the test of time..


At Jeweler’s Touch, we have diamonds of any shape or size for engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Whether you prefer a diamond formed below ground or a Lab Grown Diamond, we’ll let you compare them side by side so you can decide what’s right for you. Browse our options in the exclusive Kismet Collection or have our AGS-certified sales associates help custom design diamond ring for you or a loved one. To learn more about our services , lifetime warranty, and financing options, call 714-579-1616 today.

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