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When Is the Most Popular Day to Get Engaged?

When Is the Most Popular Day to Get Engaged?

If 2020 had been like any other year, most engagements would have taken place between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. But seeing as the pandemic managed to throw a wrench in almost everyone’s plans, the most popular days to get engaged have shifted a bit. “Engagement season,” as industry insiders like to refer to it, has started to bleed over into warmer times of the year in our post-COVID reality. 

A study conducted by The Knot 2020 Jewelry & Engagement shows that the pandemic impacted nearly 50% of proposals that were planned for 2020. The good news is that a large swathe of couples were still optimistic about their pre-planned weddings that took place in 2021. 

When Is the Most Popular Day to Get Engaged?

Are you and your main squeeze planning an engagement, or do you think they might pop the question sometime in the near future? If so, here is a list of the most popular days to get engaged. Try them on for size and open your mind to more unconventional backdrops to take that next step in your relationship. 


Christmas Day typically snatches the top spot for the best day to get engaged, and that hasn’t changed. Unfortunately, Christmas of 2020 was a little different due to most of the nation being in quarantine and away from their families. But it looks as if this holiday season will be a much different scenario. Matt Clarke, VP of marketing at the online travel agency, Kayak says, “We're already seeing significant momentum around international and domestic flight searches when compared to 2020, up 155 percent and 212 percent, respectively.” Families will be reuniting and people will be safely gathering to usher in the new year. So if you are having visions of an engagement happening before the end of 2021, this Christmas still takes first place for the most popular time of the year to get engaged. 

Independence Day

According to Statista, in 2019, July was one of the hottest months to get engaged, landing second to Christmastime.  And while the holidays have always been the most popular time of the year to get engaged, the summertime has become a new favorite amongst couples. Fire up the barbecue, set up some interactive backyard games, and invite your nearest and dearest over for an unforgettable engagement party that is sure to provide lasting memories.

Valentine’s Day

This is kind of a no-brainer. What couple doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? It’s chock-full of loving sentiments and gooey moments. So this year, Instead of handing over the traditional bouquet of flowers and a fist-full of chocolates, why not surprise that special someone with the Valentine’s gift of a lifetime, an engagement ring. 

While these milestone moments have traditionally been the most popular days to pop the question, in 2020 there was a significant uptick in summertime proposals. The warmer months offer a more comfortable time to gather outdoors with friends and family, which is arguably safer with COVID in mind. The pandemic may not be completely behind us but asking your sweetheart to marry you under a setting sun is always a great choice. 

Also, consider the style and vibe of the one you are proposing to. Set up a comfy beach blanket or an elegant picnic, or opt for a firepit and some cozy quilts. There is absolutely nothing boring about thinking outside of the box when it comes to getting engaged. Throw tradition aside and remember that no matter where or when you get on bended knee, it will be a special occasion. One that he or she will not forget for years to come.  

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