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6 Ways to Style Your Real Diamond Bracelet

6 Ways to Style Your Real Diamond Bracelet

You can style your
real diamond bracelet in many ways. Adding sparkle to your wrist helps enhance your everyday look and can add elegance and sophistication to any outfit. But it’s important to think about how you’re wearing a bracelet with diamonds. We’ll provide some ideas on how to style a diamond bracelet you’ve purchased at Jeweler’s Touch and answer some common questions people ask us.

How to Style a Diamond Bracelet

Genuine diamond bracelets are unique in how versatile they are. Here are some ideas on how to style one to your taste:

1. Think About Your Preferences

What are you looking for exactly? Size should be your first consideration; the most comfortable bracelet fits correctly. Then think about the type of bracelet. Tennis bracelets are classic, but charm bracelets are often seen as more casual. 

Another style is a diamond bangle, which can range from being minimalist to a statement piece. It can add elegance to an everyday look or match an outfit for a special occasion. Diamond station bracelets space the stones out evenly for an elegant yet minimalist look. Diamond chain bracelets are timeless, while diamond cuffs can be bold or simple.

2. Pair It With a Wristwatch

Wearing a real diamond bracelet and a wristwatch together is a classic approach. For optimal comfort and to achieve a layered look, wear the watch slightly below the bracelet. Consider the size of the watch. If it’s large and bulky, a slender tennis bracelet will complement it,  but a bolder, more eye-catching piece best complements a smaller watch. Also, the watch and bracelet should have similar metals and diamond cuts to balance the look.

3. Layer Bracelets

You’re not limited to one diamond bracelet. If the goal is to create a bolder, flashier look, start with a simple diamond chain bracelet and add accessories such as a beaded bracelet and cuffs. Slimmer, more delicate bracelets can be included too. This look is trendy yet timeless.

4. Stack Your Bracelets

Layering involves mixing different styles of bracelets on one wrist. Stacking is putting bracelets of the same style together. Combining multiple tennis bracelets or diamond bangles creates a bold and impactful look. For the greatest impact, keep your other jewelry and fashion accessories minimal. The bracelets should stand out.

5. Create a Statement

There’s no reason a diamond bracelet can’t be a centerpiece. A statement bracelet can make any outfit more sophisticated. A cuff or wide diamond bracelet brightens up your look if worn to a wedding or gala or on a night out with friends.

6. Personalize It

Being stylish can also entail being personal and sentimental. Many customize their diamond bracelets with initials, engravings, or symbolic pendants. Charms, trinkets, or anything that can be put on a chain may be included to make your real diamond bracelet even more authentic.

Can You Wear A Diamond Bracelet Everyday?

Diamond bracelets are versatile and come in many forms. They can be worn with more formal wear, a dress , jeans, or a T-shirt. A tennis bracelet, which contains a single row of diamonds or other gemstones, is often worn 24/7. The wearer may feel so attached to their bracelet they may never take it off. And, since diamonds are resistant to scratches and damage, they can handle this daily wear.

Can I Shower With A Diamond Bracelet?

We recommend removing your jewelry before showering. Soaps, oils, and lotions can leave residue on diamonds, making them appear foggy. Removing a diamond bracelet before washing dishes, swimming, or handling any chemical cleaner or other cleaning product is also advised.

What Wrist Do You Wear A Diamond Bracelet On?

It’s ultimately your decision. Most often, a diamond bracelet is worn on the left hand for symbolic or practical reasons. If you’re right-handed, the bracelet will be more comfortable on the left side, but if you’re left-handed, it may be more convenient to adorn your right wrist with a beautiful bracelet. However, if symbolism is your motivation, a bracelet on the right side conveys energy and strength to others and on the left side, it shows your desire to receive energy and strength. 

Nonetheless, there’s no shame in choosing a hand for your bracelet based on preference, aesthetics, or to make a statement. 

Shop for Real Diamond Bracelets at Jeweler’s Touch

If you’re looking for a real diamond bracelet in Orange County, we have many to choose from. Some can be worn as men’s or women’s diamond bracelets. Items from leading brands are available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, titanium, and other metals. We accept credit cards, offer competitive financing, and have a free 90-day layaway plan. To learn more about our diamond bracelets, continue browsing, visit us in person, or call 714-579-1616 today.

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