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Stylish Ways to Wear Your Natural Diamond Necklace Everyday

Stylish Ways to Wear Your Natural Diamond Necklace Everyday

A natural diamond necklace can be worn in many stylish ways. It’s often assumed such jewelry is reserved for fancy occasions and formal wear. But this is hardly the case. You can pair it with an everyday outfit. At Jeweler’s Touch, we offer a wide range of diamond necklaces in many different styles, and here are some ideas for wearing the beautiful necklace of your choice.

Keep It Minimalist

A necklace with a simple diamond pendant can make a big statement. The pendant will stand out more if the outfit is all black or otherwise monotone. If the piece has a solitaire diamond, gold can add brilliance to your minimalist design. Silver is an excellent choice for a more vintage look. It’s commonly paired with flower- and heart-shaped diamond patterns.

Layer Your Necklaces

Wearing two necklaces of different lengths is a popular style. When carefully chosen, both necklaces will stand out. Combining chokers with longer necklaces can complement your look, or you can layer three or more necklaces around the neckline. Whether you go with the latest trends or create a personalized look, layering is a stylish way to wear natural diamond necklaces on any day.

Add Some Color

Aside from the expansive choice of diamond shapes and styles, there are colored diamonds. Fancy diamonds can be yellow, pink, green, blue, or black. Or, you can pair a diamond with emeralds or rubies. Colored gemstones create a unique look no matter what type of necklace you wear.

Make It Symbolic

Adding a sparkling diamond necklace to your attire is one thing. Using a meaningful shape or symbol takes it to a whole new level. Hearts and crosses are common and so are butterflies, wings, trees, infinity symbols, and initials. There are many ways to present a symbol; the pendant can be an outline or be solid and adorned with different shapes, etchings, and colors.

Wear It as a Bracelet or Anklet

A necklace can look just as stunning around your wrist or ankle as it does around your neck. Wrapping the chain repeatedly adds dimension. This concept works great for a necklace with a lobster clasp and multiple design features. You probably didn’t realize just how versatile your natural diamond necklace was!

Choose a Lariat Necklace

Also known as a Y necklace, a lariat necklace incorporates a hanging string of beads, a tassel, or other decorative element. It goes best with a V-neck top. Charms, symbols, and virtually any type of gemstone can be included on the hanging chain. You can even mix different types of metal, such as gold and sterling silver or rose gold and yellow gold.

Wear a Bib Necklace

The trick to wearing a bib diamond necklace is to keep it stylish. This type of necklace has a circular or triangular shape that spreads out below the collarbone. If the rest of your look is subtle, a bib necklace can be the focal point and include as much or as little color as you want. It also provides an opportunity to add various other embellishments to compliment the diamond(s). 

Find Your Natural Diamond Necklace at Jeweler’s Touch

We have necklaces and other jewelry suited for everyday wear. Our products represent several top brands, numerous styles, and all price ranges. Financing options are available. To purchase your next natural diamond necklace, order online, book an appointment, or visit us in person. For more information, call 714-579-1616.

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