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As the sun reflected off the crisp cuts of her diamond engagement ring, Damian couldn’t help but get lost in her gleaming smile. He basked in the magnificence of how special this beautiful ring made her feel. He also wondered if his wedding ring would evoke a similar feeling for him. He was never fond of jewelry, especially rings. He had always wondered if he would find a wedding ring style he actually loved. He’s outdoorsy and enjoys to adventure. Certainly, there was a ring that would express his passions too… and there was. Damian’s knew which Lashbrook ring was the right one when he couldn’t hide the radiant smile bursting across his face.

Lashbrook Designs Changed The Men’s Wedding Band Industry

Traditionally men don’t have as many choices for wedding rings, which can make it hard for those who aren’t typically into jewelry to find “the right one.” The passion behind Lashbrook Designs is to be a pioneer in the wedding band industry, which they are. The company was founded in 2000 by Eric Laker and was named after his great, great grandfather, Lashbrook Laker. Born in 1835, Lashbrook was a pioneer who emigrated to Utah at just 15 years old. This pioneering spirit is what drives Lashbrook Designs’ creations. Their goal is to fearlessly innovate daily and disrupt all preconceived industry limitations. This passion is what has led them to create unprecedented pieces using cutting edge design methods.


High-Quality Men’s Rings With Distinct Designs & Unique Inlays

The variety of styles offered by Lashbrook is unparalleled in the Men’s Wedding Band industry. It is incredible the number of options and available customizations that are available to their customers. They offer a vast selection of metals, as well as embellishments to perfect every piece. Their rings are made from black zirconium, carbon fiber, ceramic, tungsten, cobalt chrome, Damascus steel, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, palladium, titanium, or even platinum. However, their list of customizations doesn’t stop there! Some of the rings come with inlay options including camouflage, carbon fiber, diamonds, hardwood, and even meteorite. This assortment of options allows customers to truly find a ring that fits their personality, while also
surviving their active lifestyle.

They Offer One of the Largest Varieties of Wedding Bands for Men

Lashbrook is dedicated to offering the most uniquely innovative products on the market. All of the materials they utilize are the highest quality available. They use cutting edge technology, as well as an ancient metalworking processes known as mokume gane, to create their distinct designs. This strategy allows them to create a highly diversified collection of jewelry to fit their customers’ needs. Their pieces have been changing the industry for men’s wedding rings since their introduction in the early 2000’s. In fact, their rings have won over a dozen JCK Jeweler’s Choice Awards, as well as having several other rings ranking as finalists.


At Jeweler’s Touch, we believe in offering our customers the pieces that we know they are interested in. When we first laid our eyes on the distinctly innovative collection from Lashbrook Designs, we knew that these pieces were made for our customers. In fact, they quickly became some of our best selling men’s wedding bands. Most of the men who come into our store are shocked by the variety, as well as how many of the rings they really like. For more information about the rings that we carry by Lashbrook Designs, please feel free to contact us or visit our store today! Our professionally trained jewelry experts would love to assist you in discovering which ring is perfect for your individual budget and needs.

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