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Fun Ways to Propose

Fun Ways to Propose

Do you want to pop the question on one knee, on a hot air balloon, or at a sporting event? Or, how about some other unique and fun way to propose? 

There are as many ways to propose marriage as there are couples planning to spend their lives together. A proposal is a special moment. It should be unique and personal. Here are some fun ways to propose that will ensure it’s all of these.

Proposal Ideas

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Have your partner do some of the work as part of your proposal. Write down clues or draw out an entire treasure map. The adventure can take them around your home or across the city (can include visits to a restaurant, salon, park, friends, or family members). Provide notes at each location to identify its significance or offer new clues. 

What’s at the end of the scavenger hunt is up to you—it will include the ring, of course, in a special location. Or, lure your to-be-spouse to you holding it and ready to pop the big question. Scenic backgrounds tend to highlight the romance. Surprise gatherings with family members and friends also tend to work.

Hide the Engagement Ring

The possibilities here are endless. You can hide the ring in a glass of champagne (just make sure your partner can see it before taking that first sip). Other creative places to hide a ring include a hollowed-out book, picture frame, flower bouquet, shoe, video game case, or empty pill bottle. If you hide the ring in a drawer or article of clothing, keep it in the box it came in.

Create a Video

In the age of computers and smartphones, most of us have the tools to create videos. A marriage proposal video can be as basic as recordings of meaningful places. Want to be more creative? Try a movie trailer proposal for a more dramatic effect (using an app or on a real movie screen if you’re well-connected). Or, show the movie at home when the family is over for dinner.

Bring a Personal Chef to Date Night

A personal chef can not only make a delicious meal. They can help set the mood for the occasion. Aside from your partner’s favorite meal, roses, candles, and music can be as much a 

part of it. If they haven’t already gotten the hint, have your chef serve the ring as one of the courses. There’s nothing more appetizing than a shiny engagement ring on a plate!

Create a Proposal Puzzle

Working on a marriage proposal jigsaw puzzle together is a collaborative way to propose. You can order one online and even have a puzzle custom-made. Once your partner can see the message, pop the question with the ring in hand.

Propose During a Trivia Game

A trivia game can be of any topic. To make it relevant, have the quizmaster ask questions about something you’re both interested in. Game night can be a private affair or involve a group of friends. Of course, one of the questions will be, “Will you marry me?” and should be written on a trivia card so you can cherish the memory forever.

On the Beach

Propose during a relaxing walk on the beach. One idea is to write your message on a piece of paper and place it in a seashell. Just make sure to remember where you placed it! Or, write a creative message in the sand and take your partner on a stroll past it. Or, just simply pop the question while you’re both sitting and staring at the waves.

Build Your Own Website

If you’re tech-savvy, a website lets you be creative with stories, photos, videos, and cool designs. You can share the meaning of your relationship and why you want to spend the rest of your life together. Disguising the link can enhance the surprise. Make it appear as if the site is for a new restaurant, vacation destination, hobby, or special interest. 

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