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Summer Jewelry Trends for 2023

Summer Jewelry Trends for 2023

You might wear your favorite jewelry all year. But summer is the time to change things up and see what’s new. The trends shaping up for 2023 represent many options. Whether you are into rings that move or gemstones bright in color, you’ll find something in these summer jewelry trends for 2023.

Jewelry Trends for Summer 

Rings with Motion

Most people think of rings as static. But aside from beauty, a ring can provide movement. Moving rings can feature various elements that extend from the metal band. We’re not just talking about rings with embedded moving chains or gears (but these are cool too). Rings with free-flowing parts that shake and shimmer are perfect for the summer season. They provide sparkle in the moment, and fiddling with them is also fun.

Beaded Jewelry

Beads create a vibe anyone can associate with summer. They can be made of diamonds, turquoise, and any of the most beautiful stones. Pearls also make great beads. A beaded bracelet, necklace, or anklet is a wonderful accessory to wear to a gathering or a day at the beach. With younger generations gravitating towards beaded jewelry, its popularity is undeniable.

Mixing and Matching

Do you struggle to settle on white or yellow gold? Why not mix and match your different jewelry or find a piece with that has more than one metal? Gold, silver, bronze, and other metals can be worn together, so you can not only mix andbut also layer your jewelry. While you’re at it, pick some unique shapes that pop. Recognizable ones like hearts are great, but unexpected curves and angles work too.

Bulky Rings

Large rings might not be the most comfortable or convenient, but. But they do give off a fearless, carefree, unapologetic vibe. Stand out with bright colors and big gems to go with your taste for volume. And yes, larger rings allow you to also mix and match different metals and experiment with layering.

Chains, Chains, Chains

Of all jewelry, chains are among the most flexible in design. They can be bold or subtle. The choice is yours, although heavier chain links are trending along with mixing different-sized 

chains. Mix a light chain with stacked necklaces or clip some chains to link different parts of your summer attire. There aren’t any rules to limit your creativity.

Bright Gemstones

Color is practically synonymous with summer. Turquoise, pink, green, and other lively-colored gems go great with summer wear and stand out in the sun. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are trending, as is mixing colors. If it’s not already obvious, it seems summer 2023 will be a time to be creative and fearless with your jewelry.

Be Charming

Charms are back, but did they ever really go out of style? You can tell a story with a charm in a way that’s not quite possible with other jewelry. Stack charms on necklaces, bracelets, or earrings to make a statement, create a mood, or be fun. This is certainly a trend to play with. Not that you couldn’t ever use charms to play with your look.

Natural Materials

Be chic with natural materials as part of your jewelry. Another trend shaping up for 2023 is the use of wood, stones, leather, shells, amber, coral, and other elements of nature. There are many to choose from. Plus, just about any natural material or item will make your accessories stand out.

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