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Picking the Perfect Gift for Your Bridesmaids

Picking the Perfect Gift for Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are special, picking the perfect gift for your bridesmaid may be one the hardest decisions you make when planning a wedding. Once you’ve picked the dresses, picking their gift is the next logical step. The ideal gift can help them accessorize their dresses and really lift the wedding party’s look. Naturally, each bridesmaid has their own unique touch, especially if they’re all wearing the same style of dress.

Unless you let your bridesmaids accessorize themselves, or ask them to be minimalistic on accessories, picking a gift is a major step. There are different ways you can do this. Some possibilities include:

  • Have Everyone Make Their Own Gifts: An “accessory party” among your bridesmaids can give them the opportunity to make their own items to wear. You can provide the materials or invite them to the store to pick them out. This works if you have trouble finding the perfect jewelry.
  • Consider Alternatives: Necklaces and earrings are common bridesmaid gifts, but you can make arrangements with your hairstylist to work with your bridesmaids. Budget-friendly shoes are good as well, since they’re probably already spending a bit on the dress, partying, gifts, and travel.
  • Create a Theme: Provide your bridesmaids with a theme so they can complement your look with similar accessories as yours (with guidelines such as using metallic or pearl accessories, etc.). This too lends itself to creativity but without risk of someone having a conflicting style. You can unify the vibe of your wedding in a genuine way.

How to Select Bridesmaid Jewelry

When choosing jewelry for your bridesmaids to wear at the wedding, you can:

  • Match It with Dress Colors: Ideas for metals and gems include gold or rose gold to go with pink dresses or silver or white gold with yellow or blue dresses, but the possibilities don’t end there. You can add even more color with gemstones. Or, a neutral color scheme can be achieved with simple pendants and drop earrings.
  • Match What the Bride Is Wearing: Starting off with what the bride is wearing can simplify your choice a bit. For example, if the bride chooses a pearl necklace or crystal earrings, find bridesmaid accessories that complement those. Crystal hair clips or small pearl pendants can do the trick.
  • Consider Hairstyles and the Neckline: If updos are the theme, you can pick dangle earrings. If your bridesmaids are wearing their hair down, stud earrings are more appropriate. Necklaces are great bridesmaid gifts and best suited for strapless, V-neck, and sweetheart necklines. However, there’s no need for a necklace with a one shoulder, halter, or illusion neckline, although a bracelet or flashy earrings can complete the look.

Other Types of Accessories to Choose

Here are a few other ideas that can help you pick the perfect gift. Every wedding and wedding party is different so your ultimate choice will depend on what the bride and bridesmaids are wearing, your chosen theme, and what unique options people come up with.

  • Simple earrings
  • Stackable bracelets
  • Stylish hairpieces (floral, metal, etc.)
  • Pendant necklaces
  • Ankle bracelets
  • Rose gold rings
  • Matching bridesmaid clutches
  • Charm bracelets

Lastly, have fun with picking gifts, but try to keep it simple. Too many flashy items will put things over the top. A few simple pieces will make a better statement. 

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