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Birthday Jewelry Ideas

Birthday Jewelry Ideas

Jewelry can be the perfect birthday gift, for women and men. If a friend, family member, or loved one has an upcoming birthday, especially a milestone such as an 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, etc., there are many jewelry gift ideas to consider. One of the greatest benefits of jewelry is it can be treasured for a lifetime, and rarely goes out of style.

Fashion accessories can be great gifts for even younger ages. Jewelry can be a symbolic gift as girls and boys mature; it’s commonly exchanged as a gift in many cultures as early as age 12. Popular choices include birthstone rings, charm bracelets, cross necklaces, and gold chains.

A pearl necklace is great for an 18-year-old girl graduating high school. For a son, a fashionable watch can be a great gift if they’re not into jewelry. From age 21 and beyond, people develop their own individual style, so the type of birthday jewelry gift depends on how they dress (conservative or trendy) or the type of jewelry they wear (white or yellow metals, preferred stones, etc.).

For a close friend, you might consider a gold or sterling silver pendant, diamond earrings, or gold bracelets, while a heart necklace, fancy gold bracelet, or promise ring is suited for a romantic partner. It’s useful to take hints about what a person likes or drop hints yourself. Great times to do this include while watching TV or window shopping.

With age comes wisdom. This is no truer than with jewelry. Your friend’s or partner’s taste is likely to widen as they get older and as they get more experienced with the kinds of jewelry they prefer. Some of the most common ideas for birthday jewelry include:

  • Birthstone rings: Color gemstone jewelry is in a class of its own. They include rubies, sapphires, and emeralds as well as amethyst, opal, pearl, and alexandrite. A birthstone ring can be the most personalized gift you can find.
  • Custom jewelry: Nothing says you care like a custom piece of jewelry. You can visit the jeweler or shop around online for ideas, but creating your own design is also an option. It can help a jeweler make suggestions and refine your design.
  • Personalized jewelry: A necklace with an engraved pendant is timeless and personal. Include the person’s favorite metal or add a personal message, song lyric, or favorite quote that has personal meaning. If words don’t express your intent, have a meaningful image transferred to the pendant.
  • Symbol pendant: From personal to cultural meanings, symbols can convey a message in a unique way. For example, you can gift a horseshoe pendant as a good luck wish, a key pendant to represent the key to your heart, or a butterfly to symbolize beauty and joy.
  • Be sentimental: The type of jewelry you gift can be sentimental. It does not have to be overly glamorous or complicated. A promise ring or locket can be a very thoughtful gift for a romantic partner’s birthday.

Many jewelry ideas will also work for a man. An engraved ring or band can be great if you can’t find a sophisticated watch he may want to wear. You can always match the metal that he already wears. Tie bars, cuff links, and engraved rings can be great ideas as well.

If you’re still searching for that perfect birthday gift, Jeweler’s Touch specializes in personalized custom jewelry. Call us at 714-340-4498 or visit our shop in Placentia, CA, for assistance.

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