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2019 Holiday & Christmas Jewelry Gifts

2019 Holiday & Christmas Jewelry Gifts

The holidays are an especially ideal time to give the gift of bling to those most precious to you. If you find yourself struggling with what to buy for your significant other, sister, mother or friend, just remember that you can’t really go wrong with jewelry.

While diamonds almost always elicit a squeal or a gasp, there are a host of alternatives that will evoke the same reaction. Exotic gemstones, weighty chains and precious metal pendants are all excellent options if you want to make a lasting impression this holiday season.

One advantage of purchasing jewelry during the holidays is that there are discounts and deals galore. Jewelers offer some of the best prices during the month of December ahead of Christmas and Hanukkah. Here are some fabulous gift ideas that will leave any recipient in awe.

Holiday Gifts for Her

When buying jewelry for a female, no matter if it’s your grandmother or wife, it is always important to take their personality and taste into account. Buying them something that compliments their individual style will make that gift even more unforgettable.

  • Luxurious Gemstone Rings - There are so many amazing gemstones available today. Stones like opals and tourmalines are all the rage right now. Tourmaline gemstones are super popular because of their vibrant coloring and affordability. These juicy baubles come in a wide variety of colors like green, blue, pink, purple, orange and even red, making them especially versatile. Then we have the opal. Opals have been center stage in 2019. They are extremely valuable and every opal has its own unique sheen and glimmer. Opal’s iridescent appearance is created by the diffraction of light from minerals, yielding their characteristic play-of-color effect. When it comes to gemstone rings, tourmaline and opals are excellent gift choices.
  • Pendants - Necklaces are always a classic holiday gift. But how do you ensure that the necklace you choose will leave a lasting impression? Pendant necklaces are a great choice because you can select something that reflects that person’s personality. Choose a pendant that will speak to her heart and soul. Medallion pendants are trending right now, as well as sterling silver hearts and diamond cross pendants.
  • Diamond Earrings - We’re all familiar with the old adage, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” And while that may be true, if you choose to dazzle her with diamonds this holiday season, you can do so affordably. Choose a set of diamond earrings that is tasteful and not over-the-top. Diamond stud earrings are reasonably priced and you can choose a setting that suits her style. Diamond stud earrings can be set in rose gold, silver and traditional 24K gold. A set of diamond earrings will surely leave her swooning.

Christmas Gifts for Him

Men’s jewelry is having a moment right now. The days of sporting a simple wedding band or wristwatch are all but over. Today’s modern male doesn’t shy away from adorning themselves in multiple jewelry pieces like chunky bracelets, blinged out watches, bold rings, pendant necklaces and even stud earrings. The materials that are appearing in today’s male jewelry trends are more rustic and rugged. You’re likely to see a lot of leather, wooden finishes and unpolished metals. Again, knowing his personality will ensure you get the perfect holiday jewelry gift for him.

  • Wristwatch - When you think of men’s jewelry, wedding bands aside, the next go-to is a watch. While it may seem like a predictable choice, there are some style options that can give any watch that added element of personalization. Instead of selecting a watch that is all flash and gleaming precious metal, go for more subtle and less expensive materials. Wooden watch faces are popular right now, as well as all black watches and rough leather bands. It’s important to consider durability when buying your mister a watch. Look for options like water-resistant and scratch-proof glass.
  • Rings - Just like watches, male rings are now fashioned from a wide variety of materials and come in a slew of styles. If you want a ring that is super unique and a conversation piece, you can select a wooden ring that is fashioned from old whiskey barrels. For a more refined look that isn’t too gaudy, you could go with a black and rose gold tungsten carbide. This is a super solid ring that can be worn just about anywhere. You could even opt to get a personal message engraved on the inside of the ring to add to the occasion.
  • Necklaces and Chains - Simplicity is key. Unless his style suggests otherwise, choosing a necklace that is tasteful and toned down will likely get a more favorable response. Some popular materials and designs to keep an eye out for are skull pendants, a solid curb chain or even a single crystal pendant on the end of a silver necklace. Onyx beads and personalized dog tags are also great holiday gifts for him.

Regardless of what piece you choose, jewelry is sure to add that extra special touch to any holiday gathering. It’s possible to personalize almost any type of jewelry. Think about getting their initials, birthdate or even your anniversary date engraved on the piece to show him how much you care. Create lasting memories and give a gift that will last for years to come.

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