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How Much Does Custom-Designed Jewelry Cost?

How Much Does Custom-Designed Jewelry Cost?

A beautiful piece of jewelry is a thoughtful gift. Custom jewelry is the ultimate gift for a loved one—many jewelers custom design jewelry such as engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. You can choose the type of metal, setting, and gemstone. But at what cost? 

There’s no set price for a custom piece of jewelry. But it does not have to be significantly more expensive or affordable than a standard item. Custom jewelry can be ordered for as little as $500. But depending on your budget, you can select options that raise the final quote much higher. You can spend several thousand for a custom ring with specifications matching your vision.

How the Cost of Custom-Designed Jewelry Is Determined

Custom rings often don’t have the markup that jewelry from larger brands and store chains do. Therefore, working with an independent jewelry store can help you save. But many factors go into pricing a custom ring. While a jewelry studio may pass the savings to the customer, there’s a lot of design and development work involved.

The cost of custom-designed jewelry depends on:

  • Design Fee: The jeweler will probably charge a fee to spend time understanding your requirements. A consultation can be in person or via a video call. It is when the designer will sketch out your ideas and help select a metal type, diamond, or gemstone.

  • Technology: Some jewelers use simpler methods to plan the project. Others use hi-tech tools such as 3D CAD modeling for precision design and 3D printing to create a prototype you can try on. Depending on the provider, you may pay a premium for these services.

  • Labor: Custom jewelry may be handcrafted or machined. The metal is cast, the stone is set, and the finished piece is polished. Manufacturing custom-designed jewelry requires time and effort, so your jeweler will include the cost of labor in its quote.

  • Base Metal: You may be able to supply the metal from an old ring, for example. But your jeweler may not always be able to repurpose the metal. Common metals include yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Silver, titanium, and platinum are others that are used in jewelry.

Diamonds/Gems: You have full control over the type and quality of the stones. Usually the heavier and larger a gemstone, the more expensive it is. But there are many aspects of diamonds to consider (the Four C’s), so picking a slightly different carat, cut, color, or clarity can help fit the stone into your budget.

Can a Piece of Jewelry Be Copied?

An heirloom or other jewelry piece you like can be used as inspiration. Show us pictures or bring the item with you to the consultation. The design process, materials, and labor will still be included in your quote. Perhaps we can build on the concept and add some original flair to it.

Why Choose Jeweler’s Touch for Custom-Designed Jewelry?

We have an experienced team of accredited professionals ready to make your ideas a reality. During a free consultation, we’ll help explore your options. Our team works with all types of metals and gems and uses advanced tools to produce any design. Financing options are available and can be applied to the custom design process. 

Are you ready to get started with having jewelry custom-designed just for you or a loved one? Send us a message online or call 714-579-1616 to get started.

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