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6 Fun Facts About Rubies

6 Fun Facts About Rubies

The ruby has been one of the most sought-after gemstones for thousands of years. A form of corundum, rubies are very durable and come in a variety of different colors depending on the level of heat present when it was formed. The word ruby comes from the Latin rubens, which means red and is an extremely valuable gemstone with some fetching over $1 million per carat due to their intense color saturation levels, which can vary from red to dark blue-red. Other rubies can be pink or even purple if they contain trace minerals such as titanium oxide and iron oxides. 

From Dorthy’s ruby-red slippers in the Wizard of Oz to the Queen’s crown jewels, the ruby is one of the four most recognizable gemstones along with emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. This stone sets itself apart from other gems because it has a rich red hue that can evoke feelings like love and passion. Here are some interesting facts about rubies… 

6 Fun Facts About Rubies 

1. Lore and Legend

Throughout history rubies have been rumored to ward off evil. The Bible references rubies at least four times and associates them with wisdom and beauty. These seemingly mystical precious stones were also said to protect warriors and ancient rulers in times of battle and immense adversity. During more modern times, in the Wizard of Oz, Dorthy wears ruby slippers to protect her from evil forces. 

2. Strength

When you need a gem that is as tough as it is beautiful, the ruby wins. Only slightly softer than legendary glass-cutting diamonds, rubies register 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness and rank right up there with sapphires in terms of resilience. 

3. Anniversary Birthstone

As radiant as a summer sunset, the ruby is the birthstone of July. These red beauties are also a traditional anniversary gift choice for celebrating the 15th or 40th wedding anniversaries. 

4. Beautifully Flawed

Rubies without imperfections or inclusions are extremely rare so flaws are to be expected. One way to authenticate a ruby and ensure it is genuine is by confirming that it has flaws. 

5. A Global Gem

From Myanmar to the United States, rubies have been mined all over the globe. Burmese Rubies, which were once exclusively sourced from Asia's Golden Land of Burma (Myanmar), have now been found in African countries like Tanzania as well as Australia where it is known by its Aboriginal name "Mookaite." The finest ruby stones originate deep within Myanmar’s soil that carries a unique mix of minerals perfect for producing these sought-after gems. 

6. Extreme Value

Large, high-quality rubies can sell for more than some diamonds of a similar size. In fact, one large ruby with the weight of 10 carats sold for $225,000 per carat while comparably sized diamonds average around $125,000 per carat. This is because rubies are much rarer and larger in most cases. 

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