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Jana & Ken

Jeweler's Touch

Jana & Ken
Jana & Ken


At Jeweler’s Touch, our clients are like family to us. We make an effort to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that welcomes you in and allows you to get lost in a world of rare diamonds and gemstones. One of the best parts about owning a jewelry store is that you get to help people who are celebrating life's special moments. It's kind of cliché to say, but quite literally our Jewelry business was built on passion. Most people don't know this, but when Jana and I were younger we worked together at a small jewelry store and learned as much as we could about the jewelry business. That's where we fell in love, and together we had a dream of opening our very own jewelry store. We wanted our store to have a laid-back atmosphere, stocked with unique jewelry pieces that were hand-picked to appeal to everyone, from the affluent to the young couple just starting out. We also wanted a full-service studio, keeping all our work from start to finish in-house. In 1992 that vision became Jeweler's Touch. All these years later, in our new store (located in Brea, California), Jana, myself, and our whole team still have a passion for helping people find the piece that is the perfect reflection of their love. We strive to provide a totally different jewelry experience. -Ken Rutz Co-owner


Your jewelry is special and we want you to be able to wear it with confidence.