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Tips for Reorganizing Your Jewelry Collection

Tips for Reorganizing Your Jewelry Collection

“Out with the old, in with the new.” is a popular mantra for ringing in the new year. It seems like the appropriate time to rid yourself of bad habits, purge your home of things you no longer use, and zhushing up your wardrobe. But if your resolutions are becoming a bit too broad, those yearly cleanses can get daunting and unenjoyable. Try to hone it in a bit.

Instead of piling on more pressures and expectations for yourself, why not aim for a simpler, more playful approach to creating ‘fresh starts’ in the new year. We suggest revamping your jewelry box and creating the best jewelry collection ever! This small task won’t overwhelm you and certainly will be a fun exercise in redefining your flare in 2020.

Reimagining Your Jewelry Collection

You don’t have to break the bank to bring your jewelry collection up-to-date. Here are some creative ideas on how to make your jewelry box more exciting for half the price.

  • First Step, Get Rid of Jewelry You No Longer Wear - Stop hanging on to those tarnished tinsel-thin necklaces and broken bracelets that you know you’ll never wear again. If you have pieces that lack sentimental value and aren’t worth anything, now is the time to let them go. Don’t waffle. If you find a charm that you like, but the chain or clasp of the necklace is broken, take the charm off and find a new purpose for it. You may run into a few sets of earrings or necklaces that are bent or slightly worn. While you can take them to a jeweler to get fixed and properly cleaned, keep in mind this will cost you. So weigh your ‘wanting’ against the cost of repairs.
  • Take Inventory of What You Want to Keep - After you have gone through the painful process of purging your jewelry box of broken, old and outdated jewelry, it’s time to take stock of what pieces are left standing. This will make it easier for you to begin the process of rebuilding your jewelry collection to reflect your current style, and add new pieces that you now lack.
  • Clean Your Actual Jewelry Box - Has the velvet lining of your jewelry box become discolored and dusty? If so, it’s time to clean the inside of your jewelry box. Start by going over the velvet or cloth lining with a lint roller to remove any dust and particles. If you lack a lint roller, try wrapping a piece of tape around your finger, sticky side out of course. For stains and more noticeable spots, dip a soft-bristled toothbrush in some warm, mildly soapy water and gentling brush the fabric clean… allow to dry. And don’t forget to give the outside a once over. If the exterior of your jewelry box needs a little polishing up, try smoothing over it with a damp t-shirt or soft dishrag. If you have a wooden jewelry box, a wood cleaner like Pledge would help give it a warm sheen.
  • Leave Plenty of Room to Display Your Jewelry - It’s easy to get a little careless over the years and just throw necklaces and rings in your jewelry box with the promise you’ll get to it later. This results in a tangled mess, where delicate pieces can get damaged. If you properly space items out, remembering to display necklaces, charms, rings, and bracelets in their respective areas, you can avoid causing further harm to your most prized possessions. Simply put, you should be able to easily see everything in your jewelry box.
  • Sell or Trade Your Unwanted Pieces - When we started this process, you were asked to set aside jewelry you had outgrown, or that was outdated and/or unworn. This creates an awesome opportunity to get something in return for your old jewelry, rather than just throwing it away. There are a wealth of online message boards, communities, and auctions that you can post your old jewelry on. Just because it no longer is of value to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t of value to someone else. You can put the money you earn towards buying new jewelry. Win, win.
  • Find a Trusted Jeweler - You may be surprised, but finding a jeweler that isn’t solely interested in their bottom line is hard to find. Here are some signs that your jeweler is trustworthy and you should give them your return business. A quality jeweler will likely have ethically sourced diamonds, have a great online reputation, offer warranties to their clientele, and never pressure you to make a purchase. Trust your gut. If you think that something doesn’t feel genuine, then you’re probably right. But when you do find a jeweler you can trust, be loyal and stick with them for the long haul.
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