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The Difference Between White and Yellow Gold Earrings

The Difference Between White and Yellow Gold Earrings

Diamond studs and other earrings can have different types of metals. The more common choices include white or yellow gold. Your selection impacts the style, durability, and cost of your jewelry. We’ll explain the difference between white and yellow gold earrings to help you decide between these two precious metals.

Why Choose White Gold?

White gold is extra shiny and helps make diamond stud earrings more elegant and glamorous. An alloy of pure gold, white gold always has a yellowish tint. A rhodium coating gives it an attractive bright white color. A downside is the rhodium plating can wear off, revealing the slightly yellow metal beneath it; however, a jeweler can restore the rhodium plating and your gold earrings’ brightness and shine.

White gold is best suited for earrings with smaller diamond accents, such as halo stud earrings. It also enhances the reflectivity of white diamonds. However, if a diamond has a yellow tint, rhodium’s white color can make it more noticeable, which is usually undesirable.

But some of the greatest perks of white gold earrings include:

  • Earrings are classy, timeless, and can be worn anywhere, anytime.
  • White gold does not rust, corrode, or tarnish.
  • It is slightly stronger and more durable than yellow gold.

Whether you choose 14K or 18K white gold, your earrings will look the same due to the rhodium coating. The higher pure gold content of 18K white gold won’t be noticeable. Meanwhile, 14K gold is more durable and often preferred for its affordability.

Why Choose Yellow Gold?

Yellow gold earrings contain pure gold and a mix of alloy metals. The alloy metal is usually copper, zinc, silver, nickel, or palladium, which helps make malleable pure gold stronger. The karat count determines how much gold the earring contains. For example, a 24K gold earring has 99.9% pure gold, while an 18K gold earring will have 75% pure gold. The purer the gold, the more expensive a set of earrings will be.

Also, yellow gold doesn’t need anything added to achieve the desired color. However, the number of karats can affect the color. An 18K gold set of earrings will appear more yellow than 14K gold, which is important to remember when matching your earrings with other jewelry. All 

your accessories should be the same type and karat count of gold (unless you prefer to mix and match metals).


To sum up the benefits, yellow gold earrings:


  • Suit most styles and colors of stones.
  • Are classic, inviting, and give off a warm feel.
  • Can be polished and rebuffed to restore brightness and beauty.


Yellow gold is also more hypoallergenic, as alloys in white gold can cause skin irritation in some people. It’s also often preferred for its purity and ease of maintenance. And while white gold suits all skin tones, yellow gold complements olive and other darker tones.

Find the Gold Earrings That Are Perfect for You

When shopping for gold jewelry, you don’t have to follow every rule. Your purchase is a personal decision that will have an impact for many years. To find a pair of white or yellow gold earrings you will always cherish, consider your:

  • Preference: Do you want your earrings to match other jewelry or do you prefer to mix metals? Are you into colored stones? For example, white gold pairs well with diamonds or a sapphire stone. Morganite, which has a peachy hue, looks better with yellow gold.
  • Lifestyle: If you’re allergic to nickel, don’t purchase white gold earrings. If you have an active lifestyle, 18K yellow gold earrings may not be durable enough to resist bending or scratching, so you might want to choose something stronger.
  • Budget: When the gold content is the same, white and yellow gold earrings don’t differ much in price. Consider your budget when comparison shopping and determining what options to include, such as stones, styles, and settings. 

Shop for White and Yellow Gold Earrings at Jeweler’s Touch

We have a large selection that includes hundreds of earrings. Whether you prefer white or yellow gold earrings, or rose gold earrings, many styles and types are available. Our store also offers jewelry repair, appraisal, and financing. Shop for the perfect set of earrings as a gift, for a special occasion, or for everyday wear online or at our Orange County store. To speak to a representative, call 714-579-1616 today.

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