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How to Choose Bridal Earrings to Complement Your Look

How to Choose Bridal Earrings to Complement Your Look

Choosing bridal earrings to complement your look can take much time and effort. To reduce the stress of this step, we’ll look at the types of wedding earrings available. Our comprehensive guide will also cover how to pair them with your wedding dress/neckline, hairdo, and face shape to make your decision easier.

Popular Types of Bridal Earrings

There’s a wide range of earrings to choose from. Therefore, it’s important to consider their style when narrowing down your choices. They include: 

  • Stud Earrings: A stud earring can be discreet or bold. Nonetheless, they’re always classic and timeless while providing an elegant touch.

  • Teardrop Earrings: Pear-shaped earrings are also classic and elegant and go well with traditional hairstyles such as buns.

  • Drop Earrings: Elongated and heavier at the bottom, drop-style earrings often have a chain or metallic bar with a gemstone at the end.

  • Dangle Earrings: These live up to their name and sway softly as you move. They come in a wide range of shapes and styles and traditional or modern designs.

  • Chandelier Earrings: These are large, decorative, and glamorous statement earrings. They can steal the show and be the focal point of your look.

  • Hoop Earrings: Most hoops are circular but some alternative shapes are available. They tend to be larger and can be decorated with floral elements, gems, or pearls (pearl earrings are also classic).

  • Huggie Earrings: Small and circular, they embrace the ear and are highly versatile, as they pair well with many hair and dress styles.

Other options include vine earrings, which depict branches or foliage. They’re often decorated with small gems. Shoulder duster earrings are shoulder length, as their name suggests, but be careful matching them with your hairdo and dress, as they can easily get caught. 

How to Pair Bridal Earrings with Your Neckline

Your earrings should complement your wedding dress and overall theme, whether it’s a classic, vintage, modern, or statement look. When it comes to the dress necklines, here are a few examples to help choose your bridal earrings accordingly:

  • Illusion Neckline: This wedding dress has a sheer or semi-sheer fabric at the top, so it appears strapless. A set of longer earrings is a safe choice; they elongate the neck visually and won’t damage the material like a heavy necklace can.
  • Low V Neck/Low Back: Longer drop earrings, statement earrings, or chain thread earrings provide a more sophisticated look with this dress style.
  • High Neckline: Small studs, dainty chain earrings, or longer styles can work with a high neckline, so the choice depends on your style.
  • Off-the-Shoulder Neckline: This feminine neckline is complemented well by a pair of longer earrings. They easily draw attention to the shoulders, neck, and face.
  • Sweetheart Neckline: Crystal studs go well with this neckline, which is quite versatile, so your options for wedding jewelry are wide open.

How to Pair Bridal Earrings with Your Hairstyle

Your wedding day hairstyle depends a lot on the dress and types of jewelry worn. Whether you wear your hair up or down is a big decision. When it comes to choosing earrings, here are a few ideas that can help:

  • Classic Updos: If going with buns, ponytails, or a chignon style, studs, dangles, and teardrop earrings are great choices. You can enhance the elegance with pearls or even diamonds.
  • Boho Updos: A braided updo, ponytail, messy buns, and other bohemian updos are best complemented by larger earrings such as hoops or chandeliers. Gemstones other than diamonds make your look seem more effortless.
  • Hair Down: Drop, dangle, and large statement earrings can provide a timeless, elegant look; the daintier the earrings, the more bling you want. More ornate earrings go with bohemian dos. Also, consider contrasting earring color with your hair color.
  • Hair Half-Up: A half-up hairdo gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of earring styles. Dangle earrings are most popular in this case. A general rule is that the more your hair volume is, the longer and larger the earrings should be.
  • Side-Swept Hairstyle: Large statement earrings work with a side hairstyle. The earring will be the center of attention with a side bun, side pony, or side-swept braid. Take it even further with geometric designs, flowery elements, and gem clusters, or even mismatch earrings with the larger one on the more exposed side.

How to Pair Bridal Earrings with Your Face Shape

Face shape is another consideration, but the rules aren’t as defined as when considering the factors above. You can follow general guidelines or break the rules. But here are some tips for complementing your look:

  • Round Face Shape: Longer drop earrings help elongate the face, or you can pick linear or geometric dangle styles with edges. Shoulder dusters are also a good choice. Avoid hoops and circular earrings.
  • Oval Face Shape: Most styles pair with an elongated face, but medium-length dangles, cluster earrings, studs, chandeliers, or multi-gemstone statement earrings can complete your look. Try to avoid extra-long linear earrings.
  • Square Face Shape: Round, oval, and generally curved earrings should be worn, rather than those with sharp edges. Elongated drop and dangle styles, as well as hoops and circular earrings, are good choices. Avoid square, rectangular, or triangular earrings.
  • Heart Face Shape: You can choose any sized teardrop earrings or a classic chandelier style. Avoid earring designs that widen at the earlobe and are thinner at the bottom.

Metal Type

In addition to the earring style, consider the type of metal too. White gold and yellow gold are popular, while rose gold is appealing to those who love a romantic and feminine vibe. Avoid mixing metals if your wedding is more formal. Mixing is fine for more casual weddings or if your earrings or necklace already mix metals.

Classic vs. Statement Earrings

Classic earrings are ideal if you’re wearing a statement necklace. But with a larger statement set, consider taking away the necklace. Smaller, elegant earrings suit dress styles with longer sleeves or no back or front opening. Also, go more classic with earrings if wearing a highly detailed dress.

Statement earrings, especially dangle or drop earrings, work well with a low-cut dress. They also go with backless dresses with long sleeves. A halter neckline is another option and allows you to focus on the earrings, as it doesn’t call for a necklace. 

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