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How to Choose Pearl Earrings for a Modern Look

How to Choose Pearl Earrings for a Modern Look

We find lots of customers long for beautiful modern pearl earrings. But if not chosen carefully, they can seem outdated. In the past, we’ve covered how to clean pearl jewelry. However, we feel it’s time to address an important concern: selecting contemporary pearl earrings you can cherish for many years that contribute to a modern look. 

Pair Your Earrings with a Modern Jewelry Piece

Wearing multiple pearl pieces can make you look old-fashioned. But you can avoid this by wearing pearl earrings with a gold necklace or layering them with gold hoops. Or, you can combine a pearl with a small gold hoop for a modern approach. There are also lots of contemporary designs to choose from, so shopping around can help you find, for example, modern-style pearl earrings that add the finishing touches to your outfit.

Know Your Style and Preferences

Pearl earrings come in many forms. Therefore, knowing your style when choosing a pair can help narrow your choices.  Options that can contribute to a modern look include:


  • Pearl Stud Earrings: While classic, pearl studs are understated and go with just about everything. You can wear them with a dress or jeans. They’re small enough to suit any occasion and don’t go out of style.

  • Pearl Drop Earrings: Modern drop pearl earrings are simple, but a hanging pearl adds a bit of elegance and sophistication. The pearl drops at the base, hanging from the earlobe. These earrings suit elegant evening wear but are commonly worn in the daytime.

  • Pearl Dangle Earrings: Longer than drop earrings, dangle earrings can feature a single delicate pearl or several larger ones. More intricate designs include chandelier pearl earrings that dangle even lower. Instead of dangling, climbers/crawlers are designed to travel up the earlobe.

  • Pearl Hoop Earrings: Hoop earrings, whether round or oval, come in different sizes, but allow you to wear multiple pearls. They’re suited for a wide range of occasions. Small hoops are conservative enough to wear to an office. However, larger hoops can enhance any type of outfit.

  • Pearl Architectural Earrings: The most contemporary pearl earrings have an architectural aesthetic that yields a modern look. Available in all shapes and sizes, they can fit your unique style and provide an alternative to the more traditional stud, drop, and hoop earrings.

Consider Your Face Shape

Modern pearl earrings work best when they match your natural features. If you have a rounder face, drop or dangle pearl earrings can help elongate it visually. However, classic pearl studs are more suited for an oval face, as they emphasize natural symmetry. Oval and hoop pearl earrings help soften a square face shape, while pearl studs fill out a longer face shape.

Ask the Right Questions

When buying modern pearl earrings or other jewelry, it’s important to ask questions. Ask the jeweler if the pearls are natural or handmade; most people prefer natural pearls for their authenticity. Also, inquire whether the pearls are dyed. These can be beautiful but the color is often unnatural and limited to the surface layer. Pearls are also often dyed to imitate more expensive ones, so they aren’t as strong and durable as you think.

In addition, educate yourself about how pearl quality is rated. You’ll find ratings like A-AAAA, A-AAA, or AA+ but there’s no standardized pearl rating scale. If, for example, you’re shopping for modern gold pearl earrings, consider factors such as luster, which is how much light the pearl reflects. Strongly colored pearls are rare and valuable. Poorer quality ones have more surface blemishes; however, few pearls are flawless. Larger pearls are rarer and more expensive.

How Should a Pearl Look?

A pearl should not look dull. Instead, its surface should be luminous and brilliant and show your reflection. High-quality pearls reflect light well and can reflect images from different angles. Lower-quality pearls tend to look dull and chalky. Therefore, pearl quality is important to consider when choosing modern pearl earrings. The shinier the pearl, the more trendy it will look.

Contact Jeweler’s Touch

At Jeweler’s Touch, we have dozens of contemporary pearl earrings to choose from. They include stud, dangle, chain, drop, and hoop earrings. We carry brands such as Gabriel & Co. and Julie Vos. Whether you prefer yellow gold or white gold earrings, you’ll find numerous options in our online catalog. You can also visit our store in person and make an appointment online. For help finding modern pearl earrings that fit your budget, call (714) 579-1616 today.

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