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Diamond Wedding Band Ideas for Your Oval Engagement Ring

Diamond Wedding Band Ideas for Your Oval Engagement Ring

If you’re seeking a wedding band for an oval engagement ring, we have some ideas for you. Many people choose to wear their wedding bands and engagement rings together. The style is classic and allows for many creative design choices. At Jeweler’s Touch, we have dozens of diamond wedding bands and will help you match one with your oval engagement ring.

Why Wear an Oval Engagement Ring?

Oval diamonds tend to be priced lower than other diamond shapes. An oval cut stone can be 10% to 30% cheaper than a round diamond of the same weight. One reason is that it's less popular. There’s also less sparkle, but a distinct shape gives the diamond more surface area, so your diamond looks bigger and you save money!

However, cost isn’t the only factor to consider. An oval diamond isn’t the most favored type, but it represents harmony and the completion of choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with. Some see it as more feminine and romantic. 

Most people can pull off wearing an oval engagement ring. However, an oval ring style tends to suit someone with wider hands and shorter fingers. An oval-shaped solitaire engagement ring creates a visual effect that seems to elongate them. However, the ring can have a minimalist design or be more ornate with numerous diamonds. 

Choosing the Best Wedding Band for an Oval Engagement Ring

An oval-cut stone has more visual impact because it has a greater surface area. Most oval cuts run parallel with the finger and the stone hangs over the ring shank on both sides. By comparison, round stones are usually perched atop the ring.

To match a wedding band for an oval diamond engagement ring:

  • Choose a Slim Band: A sleek wedding band will slide effortlessly under the overhanging stone. The engagement ring will remain the primary visual element. 
  • Complement the Shape: The band should not compete with the curves of the oval ring. Complementing these contours will help in pairing the band and ring more smoothly.
  • Make the Band/Ring Equally Bold: If the oval stone rests on a bold foundation and doesn’t extend far from it, match it with an equally bold wedding band.
  • Focus on Elegance: Not all oval rings are grandiose. Some are simpler, smaller, and more elegant, in which case you’ll want to complement it with a sleek wedding band.

Wedding Band Ideas

There are many types of wedding bands for oval engagement rings. Here are a few ideas to help you decide on the perfect one:

  • Pavé Settings: In a pavé setting, a row of diamonds appears to be paved into the band, as if creating a pathway. The smaller prongs help accentuate this effect. A channel setting is similar, except the stones are set deeper and the walls of the ring are higher.
  • Curved Bands: A band with an outward or inward curve along its circumference creates an interesting visual effect. The bend can complement or oppose the ring’s shape, or the band can be stacked and integrate opposing contours.
  • Curved Band with Split Sides: This is an elaborate design that aligns diamonds in a curve and splits one side into differently oriented oval shapes. 
  • Crescent Shaped Band: A unique type of band, this design features a partial band and an arcing design element with round diamonds. An oval diamond graces the center.
  • Twisted Band: The band is shaped into elegant ribbons. Being lined with sparkling diamonds doesn’t hurt, but smooth contours complement an oval engagement ring quite well.
  • Chevron Style Bands: A Chevron band features a V-shape that can complement an oval ring. The wishbone shape symbolizes love and luck. The shape can be accentuated with regal-style stones and design elements.

Any of these wedding bands for an oval diamond ring can feature the metal of your choice. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold bands are available. Choose a metal based on the material and style of your engagement ring. The metals can be the same, or you can mix and match them. The choice depends on your preferences and how the band and ring complement one another.

To learn more about the types of wedding bands, check out our complete guide to women’s wedding bands.

Finding the Right Oval Engagement Ring

Before choosing a diamond wedding band, you need to select your oval engagement ring. When selecting the ring, consider the proportion of the ring to your finger and, if possible, the wedding band. The stone should be the same diameter as your finger and long enough to sit flush in the middle. You don’t want the diamond to extend too far from the edges.

Find the Best Wedding Band for Your Oval Engagement Ring at Jeweler’s Touch

We have dozens of exquisite diamond wedding bands for oval engagement rings. You can narrow your choices by brand, metal type, and the desired price range. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, our in-house custom design team can create a personalized wedding band or ring. We can also appraise your old jewelry, buy gold, and repair wedding bands and rings, as well as finance your purchase. To learn more, make an appointment online or call 714-579-1616 today.

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